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Five Things You Need to Know – Day 60 [8/19]

Day 59 [8/18] Sweating Mark was drawn to play in the upcoming Power of Veto competition, leaving Matt and Jason concerened that both of them would remain on the block. Bad Week? Christmas selected Josh and Mark as Have-Nots for the week. X-Treme Win Jason won the Power of Veto.  Feeds were off while houseguests competed in the traditional slip-n-slide competition. X-Treme Ending Jason was able to get rid of his X-Treme-itard in the evening as his week of wearing it came to an end. Making a Play Mark approached Christmas with a plan to join Josh and Christmas...

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Five Things You Need to Know – Day 59 [8/18]

Day 59 [8/18] ****ing Clip Show Feeds were cut following the Double Eviction through Friday night so Big Brother could gather footage for Friday night’s clip show.  WE X-Mas Surprise Christmas won the Head of Household Competition that followed Derrick’s visit into the game.  From discussions, it sounds as though Paul through the Head of Household to Christmas in the final round. Planned Backdoor Christmas nominated Matt and Jason for eviction in an attempt to backdoor Mark this week. Order Changed Paul wants Mark to be voted out this week, but revealed to Josh that after Mark, Jason is...

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Five Things You Need to Know – Day 58 [8/17]

Day 58 [8/17] Solitude Cody was evicted for the second time this season by a vote of 7-0-0. Shuffle Champ Jason won the Double Eviction HoH and nominated Mark and Elena for Eviction. Quick Puzzles Mark won the Power of Veto by completing three puzzles the fastest. Willing Pawn Mark saved himself with the Power of Veto, forcing Jason to name a replacement nominee.  Jason nominated Matt for eviction, knowing that Matt would be happy to be a pawn for the second time tonight. Radio Personality Signing Off Elena was evicted by a vote of 6-1, joining Cody in...

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Five Things You Need to Know – Day 55 [8/14]

Day 55 [8/14] Plan Continues Matt used the Power of Veto to save Jason.  Alex nominated Cody for eviction, sealing his fate in the first eviction on Thursday night. Squirm Alex does not want Josh or Jason to give Elena any information about the upcoming vote.  She wants Elena to be nervous heading into the live eviction. Setting Up Targets Paul and company now want to get Mark out next week, followed by Elena . Children and Their Pillow(s) Alex blew up on Mark after he took one of her pillows from her “downstairs bed” to soften his Have...

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Five Things You Need to Know – Day 54 [8/13]

Day 54 [8/13] Making A Plea Cody tried to talk Alex into keeping him and drawing a line in the house, but Alex denied his request and offers. Have Not Choices Alex named Kevin, Mark, Paul, and Jason as the Have Nots for the week.  She chose these players because they were the first four to be eliminated from the Head of Household Competition on Thursday. Save Someone Else Matt is being told to save Jason with the Power of Veto so that Alex can nominate Cody for eviction.  Alex does not want Elena to come off the block...

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House Standings: Week Six


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