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A Roof Has Been Constructed in the BB Backyard for Big Brother: Celebrity!

As reported by Big Brother Network, a crew member posted images on Snapchat of a roof being erected in the backyard of the Big Brother house! This is likely to address concerns of cold weather and potential rain during the Celebrities’ stay When Big Brother: Celebrity premieres on February 7th. February is typically one of the colder months of the year in Los Angeles, often tallying the highest rainfall amounts. This appears to be a temporary solution for the 2 1/2 week Celebrity run of the show, but it could potentially be kept for the summer edition to provide...

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Five Things You Need to Know – Day 23 [7/13]

Day 23 [7/13] Expected and Unexpected As expected, Cody was evicted, however many houseguests were surprised that the vote was 7-3-0.  Alex received 0 votes, Ramses received 3 votes (Jessica, Kevin, Christmas), and Cody received 7 votes (Josh, Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Jason, and Dominique). Battle Back Again Tonight it was revealed that the first four evictees (Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and next week’s evictee) will be given a chance to battle back and earn a place back in the game.  The Battle Back will be featured on next Friday’s special episode (7/21). Hinky Votes There has been much speculation...

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Five Things You Need to Know – Day 22 [7/12]

Day 22 [7/12] Christmas/Cody Chat. On Wednesday morning, Christmas and Cody talked before the rest of the house woke up, It was obvious he was trying to set up Jessica for the weeks to come/set himself up for a potential Battle Back return. He told Christmas that Mark and Dominique both suggested her as a backdoor plan week 1 and even told her Mark was in on the plan the entire time (which both were not true.) He also said he wished that Christmas, Alex and Jessica could team up and run the house. Christmas Vacation. Christmas left the...

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