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Author: Archer

Survivor: Game Changers – ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’ Sneak Peek

A historic tribal council takes a shocking turn on one unsuspecting castaway. Then, after a game changing season, one castaway will be crowned sole Survivor and awarded the $1 million dollar prize, on the two-hour season finale, followed by the one-hour live reunion show hosted by Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst, on Survivor, Wednesday, May 24 at 8/7c. Only...

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Survivor 35: Castaway, Theme and It’s Crazy Title SPOILERS!

If you’re a die hard Survivor fan, you’ve probably already know that Redmond at Inside Survivor posted spoilers for the upcoming 35th season of Survivor, expected to be officially announced this Wednesday during the finale of Survivor: Game Changers. As always, Redmond shared the identities of most of the cast as well as the theme and title. If you haven’t learned that information yet, brace yourself because you are going to likely say ‘huh?’ So let’s get to it. Survivor 35 (and 36) will be filmed in Fiji and is projected to have 18 castaways who will be split in to...

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Kevin Martin WINNER Interview: It’s Credit To Ika and Demetres Social Game

After an epic season that saw eight legends and eight new recruits make big moves and take on massive blowouts, second chance houseguest Kevin Martin of Calgary, Alta. has been crowned the winner of Big Brother Canada Season 5. He took some time to talk to us about his time in the house. TBBF: Let’s rewind back to February where we posted a rumour of you going in to the house. You denied and tweeted that you had to explain to your mum that you weren’t going on the show. Fast forward to move in day and Karen is upset with...

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The Amazing Race Episode 9 RECAP!

This leg of the race kicks off with teams heading to Ninh Binh, Vietnam where they will tend up in Thon Hai Nohm for a Road Block that has teams transporting a bike trap on a bicycle to a fisherman for their next clue. Completing the road block sends teams to Den Thai Vi-Ben Thanh. Arriving sends teams rowing down a river, with their feet, to a dragon boat for their next clue, the Lying Dragon Mountain, the pitstop for this leg of the race. So who arrived first and who is heading home? 1: Matt and Redmond – Trip...

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House Standings: FINALE




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