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Is BB18’s Paul The 17th House Guest For BB19?

Is Big Brother 18’s Paul Ab on this season of Big Brother? Evidence sure seems like it after Hamsterwatch released her suspicions. Earlier today Dingo tweeted that she received information from one of her sources that Paul is a house guest this year. Upon receiving this information, she looked at his twitter account and noticed his go-to Twitter app switched from the iPhone twitter app to the Android Twitter app around the same time that the house guests moved in to the house. Why is this important you ask? It signifies that a handler from CBS is actually tweeting FOR...

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BBQuiz Show Starts tomorrow At 5PM ET/2PM PT On Facebook Live!

Last month we told you about Jeff Shroeder and Big Brother 18’s Paul Abrahamianl taping a new segment for a new quiz show and we hope you’ve been brushing up on your Big Brother knowledge! CBS released on twitter that the quiz show will begin Thursday, June 22nd at 5 PM ET/ 2 PM PT on their Faceboook page. Join and see how well you know the history of the game. We do not know if this is just for funzies or if prizes will be up for grabs. Either way, it should be fun for us diehard fans!...

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Big Brother 19 House – See The Temptations With New Twist!

Big Brother reveals Summer of Temptation in their new house tour. This year, house guests will  face tempting offers including money, power, and safety in the game. But of course there’s a catch—with every temptation taken, a consequence will follow. Let’s take a look at the house in pictures or watch Hollywood Reporters tour with Julie below! Backyard Backyard 2 Bathroom Bathroom 2 Entry HOH Hallway HOH HOH 2 HOH 3 Kitchen Kitchen 2 Living Room Lounge Lounge 2...

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Big Brother UK 2017: Four Up For Eviction As One NEW House Mate Voted In!

Tonights highlight show had the house nominating for the second time of the series. One by one the house mates went to the diary room and gave their two nominations, leaving Joe, Hannah, Rebecca and Chanelle on the chopping block for Thursday’s eviction. As a refresher: last week, celebrity VIP house mates Nicola Mclean, Gemma Collins and Marnie Simpson gave immunity to Lotan, Tom and Raph, so they couldn’t be nominated this week however they DID nominate. But the twists don’t stop there! The gang will be meeting three new house mates – voting in only two of them....

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Big Brother 19 Cast LEAKS EARLY!

Fans should be thrilled as 16 brand new faces are set to enter the Big Brother 19 house this year.  As the fansom tucked in to bed to wake up for the OFFICIAL cast release at 6 AM, a leak was found just before midnight pacific time… so here we are. Meet your Big Brother 19 house guests! Get exclusive interviews with the cast by purchasing CBS All Access NOW! Alex Ow Cameron Heard Jillian Parker Jessica Graf Jason Dent Elena Davies Dominque Cooper Cody Nickson Chrstimas Abbott Raven Walton Ramses Soto Megan Lowder Matthew Clines Mark Jansen Kevin...

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House Standings: Pre Season


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