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Double Eviction: Head of Household Competition & Nominations RESULTS!

It’s time for the double eviction and time for a new HOH! Find out who won! Matt vs Josh – Josh wins Mark vs Elena – Mark wins Josh vs Christmas – Christmas wins Raven vs Mark – Mark wins Christmas vs Kevin – Christmas wins Mark vs Jason – Jason wins Christmas vs Paul – Christmas wins Jason vs Christmas – JASON WINS! Jason is the HOH – he nominated Mark and...

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[Day 48] Live Feed Recap: Paul’s Minions Attack Cody and Elena Over Cereal

I apologize. I am losing interest in these feeds. All it is, is a group of people ganging up on the same two or three people, instigating fights about the same thing or things that happened weeks ago. When they aren’t fighting, the main HOH group (Paul and MInions) are complaining/insulting/personally attacking the three who are on the bottom. It’s not enjoyable. It’s not fun. It’s not why I love this show. In the afternoon: the house attacked Mark/Elena/Cody Well you guess it. Another fight broke out, this time over Alex’s cereal. Josh and Mark got into it over...

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House Standings: Week Six


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