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Survivor: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers – I Don’t Like Having Snakes Around RECAP!

The episode begins with the tribe dropping their buffs with a tribe swap! The castaways pick new buffs… Red [YAWA]: Cole, Jessica, Mike, Ben, Lauren Blue [LEVU]: Alan, Desi, Joe, Devon, Ashley Yellow [SOKO]: Ryan, JP,  Chrissy, Ali, Roark Reward Challenge In this reward challenge, three members from each tribe will be attached to a braided rope. They will work to untangle the rope, which they will use the rope to lasso a sled with puzzle pieces. The remaining tribe members will use the puzzle pieces to solve a word puzzle. First tribe to solve their puzzle wins reward....

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Survivor: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers – My Kisses Are Private RECAP!

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Hustlers being happy with voting off Simone. Ryan loved all the items she left behind. Ryan and Devon planned to team up with Ali to vote out Lauren next, since there was an age gap between them. Ali and Lauren already planned to team up and stick together however Lauren targeted Ali’s closest ally – Patrick. On Heroes, Chrissy and Ben thought they were controlling the tribe. Ben wanted to protect Ashley and figured if they lost immunity, he would keep her and cut either Alan or JP. Alan couldn’t knock a coconut out...

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Survivor: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers – I’m A Wild Banshee RECAP!

Tonight’s episode begins with the aftermath of the Heroes’ first tribal council. Chrissy was happy that the tribe cracked around her and she plans to use her now expired Super Idol as a fake idol to gain ground within her tribe. In confessional, Alan gloated about the suspicion he created around JP and Ashley. However, the rest of his tribe spoke privately about unhinged Alan really is and how big of a target he created during tribal.  Ben tells confessional that their “core four” alliance is shot after last night. On the Hustler tribe, they continued to thrive in...

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