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Author: Archer

[Day 40] Live Feed Recap: Bruno Pitches Final 4 Deal To Ika And Demetres

So last night, Ika was telling Dre how much Demetres makes her believe in love and all this lovely dovey stuff. That’s what happened after we signed off for the night. 10:00 AM BBT The house is waking up. Ika and Demetres are going over jury votes. He is promising her final 2. William is telling Kevin that they must win HOH. Kevin says he wants to win it to prove his loyalty and repay him for what he did. Bruno is updating Kevin on his failed campaigning last night. He knows there’s nothing they can do. He tells...

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[Day 39] Live Feed Recap: Secret POV Used; Kevin Stands Up Against Karen

8:00 AM BBT House is waking up. William makes a comment to himself (and us) that a secret power of veto is going to be used. Kevin is going over his POV speech. Karen just warned Ika she has a weird feeling today. Ika tells her how they told William to not use the POV. Dre telling Will how important this next week is and how they have to play smart. Dre says the rest of the house wants Demika gone but she doesn’t want to take the shot. They are agreeing to do it during a double eviction...

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[Day 37/38] Live Feed Recap: Tug of War Over William and The POV!

Yesterday was an odd day and not enough for me to fully publish. The night prior, the house guests got to see videos from home. That promoted Ika to see Demetres family and was unhappy. She picked a fight with him and they ended up sleeping in separate beds. She continued to patch things up with Kevin and Bruno while they thought they could save themselves as long as Karen goes on the block. Dillon and Karen became paranoid as they knew they were being left out of some drama (the Will/Dre he said, she said, drama) and that...

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William’s Secret Power of Veto Details Released!

Ever since last week, fans have been wondering the details of William’s secret Power of Veto. Can he name the replacement nominne? Does it give him immunity? We have answers! Big Brother Canada has finally release how it works… and it’s very underwhelming for finding a Secret Power of Veto. As it stands, it sounds like William is set to use his secret Power of Veto but he is still eligible to be nominated even if he uses it. – This Power of Veto is a SECRET and Big Brother will never reveal who used it. – William is...

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