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Author: Archer

[Day 7] Live Feed Evening Recap: Dallas’ House Meeting BACK FIRES

About this afternoon Feeds have been down for a bit. The finally return and the house is given a task where they have to make a film. Dallas continued to campaign to the vets, all who lied to him about voting to keep him this week.  Ika continued to tell Bruno Cassandra’s plans of brining in Jackie and Dillon/Emily if Dallas leaves this week. She continues to tell him everything Cassandra has said about him and even tells him that she turned the newbies against him. Gary and Will had a good talk about what to do this week....

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Survivor: Game Changers – ” The Tables Have Turned” Episode Recap

The episode begins with Sierra consoling Tai after voting Caleb off. He explains he wants to build trust within his tribe so he had to do it. Hali is very happy surviving tribal. She plans to align with Debbie to help vote out Tai. Debbie wants to vote out Hali and keep with the old Nuku tribe. Reward Challenge Spoilers In this reward challenge, castaways will carry a ball on a stick through an obstacle course to knock down targets. First two to knock them down wins reward. Reward: Beer and/or iced coffee Nuku: JT Mal Mana: Tai and Brad Tavua: Ozzy...

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[Day 7] Live Feed Morning Recap: Dallas vs Dillon Again; Cass Cuts Ties With Dallas

9: 00 AM BBT House is given their wake up call. Bruno is asking Jackie what to do next week but she feels good. She’s talking with Ika now and she’s putting in good word for Dallas. Kevin and William are talking about Emily. Kevin hints to William that he is leaning towards her staying over Dallas. Will agrees that he likes Emily better as a person but is unsure if he can trust her in the game. He tells Kevin about how Emily was threatening people (Dre) yesterday if they vote against her. Kevin is denying that actually happened....

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[Day 6] Live Feed Update: Ika Lies To Cass About Dallas And Neda

9:00 AM BBT The house is given a wakeup call. Cass and Ika talk about the eviction. Cass says she’s not going to campaign any more if she thinks Dallas is going. Ika who wants her to sink her own ship tells her that the vets are keeping him, so Cass says that the newbies are too. Ika starts going on about how Neda is really wanting to work with Cass and has been trusting her more lately. She’s full on working that Neda wants to work with a girls alliance. Cass is on board. Ika runs the idea...

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