NOTE: I have a busy few days at work. These recaps won’t be as detailed as usual.

In The Morning & Afternoon

Last night while everyone was in bed, Ross and Marissa decided that they should backdoor Shannon because it would be the most impressive move of the season. Ross believes that Omarosa won’t win the game if she is in the final 2, so Shannon is the biggest threat and must go.

Keshia and Marissa spoke in the morning, clearing the air about what happened during Keshia’s HOH. Marissa pinned the whole flip on Shannon and cleared Omarosa of playing both sides. Afterward, Marissa tells Ross about it and thinks the three of them can align if they get Shannon out. Marissa and Ross decide to get Omarosa out this week, if nominations stay the same, because they trust Keshia more. Ross is still afraid of getting Shannon out this week, because he doesn’t want James after him or Keshia/Omarosa gunning for him if they stay in the house together.

Omarosa and Keshia compared the notes about Shannon and figured she was the one behind the whole thing last HOH, she’s the one who fabricated the Chuck/Keshia deal plan to take control of the game.

Ross and Marissa tried to find a way to get the others on board to get Omarosa out this week, and he thinks they need Brandi to do it because Ari and James want to keep Omarosa over Keshia.  Then, Marissa talks to Brandi/Ari/Keshia about potentially backdooring Shannon and they are all in to do it.

Ross then tells Shannon that he doesn’t want to risk putting a pawn from their alliance on the block. She wants Mark up, he’s thinking Metta.

Ross then goes to Mark. Asks if they put up Metta as the re-nom if Keshia or Omarosa comes down. Mark offers to be a pawn. Marissa starts saying she doesn’t know the plan this week. They talk out that this may be the best and only chance to get Shannon out. Mark is super excited to do it.

Ross/Marissa fill in Brandi/Ari about how the backdoor Shannon plan is supported by Mark and they should do it.

Omarosa and Keshia are talking about fighting for the POV as Omarosa is confident that they are set to backdoor Shannon. Keshia already knows this is the plan, Marissa told her, but requested she not say anything about it yet. Omarosa tells Keshia how she overheard Shannon keep saying to pick Omarosa in the HOH competition, even though Omarosa was out of breath. She thinks Shannon did it on purpose and was telling others to pick her to knock her out. 

6:00 & 7:00 PM BBT

Ross has been trying to find out who he should pick between Shannon and James if he gets house guests choice. He thinks that if he doesn’t pick Shannon/James, they will know something is up. So he asks which one of them want to play, if at all. The pair both agree that Shannon should be the one to play.

Ross and Keshia talk about how he may have a chance at saving her and getting “someone” else out. Keshia already knows this is Shannon from previous talks with Marissa, but no names are actually said. He asks if they could possibly work together if she comes off the block and stays. She agrees that they can.

Ross fills Marissa in on his chat with Keshia. He wants to move forward with the plan to backdoor Shannon if they can. He brings up to Marissa that he is worried that Shannon does not want to evict Omarosa over Keshia (like Ross wants) because she has upheld her final 2 deal with Omarosa after blindsiding them with Chuck’s eviction. Ross plans on bringing it up to the group to evict Omarosa, but if they do not want to for their own games, he will ask that they evict her for him next week for his game.

The big alliance (minus Marissa) is talking about what to do if Keshia and Omarosa stay on the block. James and Shannon are there, and they all push for Keshia to go, even though Ross wants Omarosa gone. He requests that since he is doing this for the betterment of the group, that they go after Omarosa for him next week. They all agree.

8:00 PM BBT

They finish dinner and the backyard finally opens up. Ross gets a quick chance to ask Mark if he thinks Shannon and Omarosa have maintained their final 2 deal. Mark doesn’t see it but he is still on board to get Shannon out if they can.

Rest of the night has been pretty relaxed. House has been hanging outside talking.

11:00 PM BBT

Brandi is trying to plant seeds to Ari that it may be better to get Omarosa out instead of Keshia tomorrow night if they cannot backdoor Shannon. Brandi predicts that if Omarosa stays, the two of them will get in to a big fight.  They talk about how Ross and Marissa are playing both sides.

Ross joins. He doesn’t want to backdoor Shannon because he thinks James will win HOH and target him. He thinks he is next to go, no matter what, because he is sure James is going to win HOH if they get Shannon out. They now plan to confront James after the POV to throw HOH/evict Shannon or else they will nominate him. Ross leaves. The girls talk about how they have to backdoor Shannon. Brandi tells Marissa that Ross doing this makes it seem like he is playing both sides, and it shows, same with Marissa. Marissa says Ross is too trusting. Talk changes to getting Omarosa out and Marissa, who is in on the plan to convince the others to get Omarosa out instead, agrees. Marissa is going to use the POV on Keshia no matter what. She says she’s going to force Ross in to making the move.

Marissa goes upstairs. Tells Ross that she basically was telling the girls what they want to hear. He asks what to do quickly as he can see Brandi/Ari coming up. She confirms that he needs to backdoor Shannon. and the girls join HOH too. They continue talking about the same: should they backdoor Shannon and how they should approach James.