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About This Afternoon

Omarosa has had an asthma attack during the HOH comp last night. She is still not back in the house as of 3 PM BBT.

Brandi and Ari made a final 4 deal with Ross and Marissa. It appears R/M’s final 4 deal with Shannon and James was fake (Marissa/Ross talked and said they trust Brandari 100% over Shannon and James).

Metta and Keshia had a good talk about the game. He wants to go after Shannon and James, the biggest threats. He tries to tell her that backstabbing is the name of the game and you have to backstab before you get stabbed in the back. He still wants to quit. They wonder about Omarosa.

Ross asked Mark to keep an eye on Shannon/James. Mark vouched and said he’s noticed how close those two are getting.  Ross talks to Shannon and Shannon apologies about having an early F2 with Omarosa.

Brandi and Ari have brought up to Ross to backdoor Shannon this week. He is down to do it if Keshia or Metta come off the block – assuming Omarosa does not return. He does not want to run this by Marissa until last minute as she thinks she will be against it. Brandari brought it up to Marissa earlier, but had the idea of throwing HOH to Metta because he wants to get James/Shannon on the block (which he has been saying right in front of James).

Mark went and talked to Keshia, trying to lift her spirits and get her to not give up. She is having a rough day because she misses her baby.

Ross and Marissa talked about potentially backdooring Shannon. He is leery of doing it because of James. Marissa thinks they are good with Shannon/James so backdooring Shannon would get James after them. He tells her how Shannon lied to his face about not having any final 2 deals but she had one with Omarosa from the start.

Other than that, the house is tired and waiting on Omarosa to return. They’ve been told she’s okay but no other details…

House is on HOH lockdown.

4:30 BBT

Omarosa rejoins the house. Others haven’t quite noticed yet. She is laying in her bed.

Metta is asking Ross to nominate him. He realizes this is a bad move fo Ross and wants him to go after Shannon/James. He now wants to win HOH and nominate Shannon and James. Ross is unsure what to do because he knows the rest of the house (Ari/Brandi/Marissa) want to go after Shannon/James.

Ross runs downstairs atferwards and tells Shannon/Mark that Metta is pushing for Shannon/James to go up (he initially lies but tells the truth).

Shannon and Ross explain to Keshia about how Omarosa told them that Keshia wanted to go home to see her baby. Keshia says that’s not the case and only got homesick today. She says she never even told that to Omarosa. They side with her on this over Omarosa.

Keshia is laying in bed. Marissa apologizes to not speaking to her about the Chuck thing before making a decision on it.

5:00 PM BBT

Keshia and Ross talking in HOH before noms. She is explaining her and Omarosa weren’t a solid F2. They both had agreements to not be pit against each other as two African American women usually are in reality tv shows. She explains there was nothing with Chuck. He tells her that if it was just up to him, he wouldn’t nominate her. He explains he went to everyone and heard what they had to say; the lines are drawn.

Keshia says that there’s a piece in all of this that leads back to Omarosa sabotaging everything – but she says she hasn’t talked to Omarosa since so she doesn’t know. She says she gave Omarosa the benefit of the doubt, despite her record. He tells her she is not his target and will fight for her to stay this week. They both agree that it shouldn’t get personal but it did. Ross explains the flip. He says he was always leery of what “she” brought up (Shannon) and he had to swap because the numbers swayed that way. He says he was already uneasy being aligned with Omarosa so he had to swap to have better numbers. He says she cant blame him for that, like he cant blame her for having a deal with Chuck. She says she had to make the agreement with Chuck to not go after each other, if she kept him safe in the event of a tie, after hearing people were having side deals. She says she would not align with Chuck because they knew the numbers were on their side, so that doesn’t make sense.

Ross fills Marissa in on his convo with Keshia. He says that he plans to nominate K/O but if one comes down , they will have a serious talk about backdooring Shannon or James. Both agree they trust Keshia more than James or Shannon.

Feeds go down for nominations.

8:00 PM BBT

Noms happened. Ross nomianted Omarosa and Keshia.

Ross and Omarosa talked. She says she has perspective now but wishes Ross would own up to being the mastermind. He’s been tyring to pin it on Shannon and Omarosa all day.

Keshia talked to Mark about how she sees it was Omarosa being the one who ruined everything behind the scenes.

Brandi and Ari really want Ross to get rid of Shannon and James. Brandi keeps telling Ross that she is getting worried that Shannon and James are planning to go against Ross after things she’s been seeing. He wishes one of the win POV and use it to backdoor Shannon. He just doesnt like backdooring people.

Mark also has been watching. He’s warned James that Keshia has been doing damage control in hopes of saving herself, which could risk her teaming back up with her original alliance – which would be bad for him and James.

Brandi, Ari, Ross talking about what to do with POV. They cant decide who they want gone. They finally decide to use the POV on Keshia and backdoor Shannon if this happens. Brandi worries Omarosa will create new alliances but Shannon already showed what she is capable of doing, and she thinks it will take her to the end of the game so they want to cut her now.

Omarosa cant compete in POV if its physical. She tells Keshia she had Vitamin D def, was dehydrated, had poor liver function as well as her asthma attack.

Not much really happens once BB: After Dark comes on. The house is hanging around, having fun, all getting along.

It’s nearing Midnight. Ross and Ari are trying to figure out which is the real Omarosa – the nice version or the villianous version.


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