This leg of the race begins with teams heading to Prague and are warned that there’s a double u-turn ahead! After deciding if they wish to u-turn someone (Cody and Jessic U-Turn Chris and Trevor), they are faced with a detour: This or That.

In This, teams will stack empty kegs, find a full keg, pour a perfect beer then deliver a full keg to a party boat for their next clue. In That, teams will listen to two astronomical lectures and then pass an oral exam on what they just learned to earn their next clue.

Completing the detour sends teams to Stara Cistirna Odpadnich Vod for their next clue to an iconic Amazing Race challenge that has them answering phones for a specific voice, to relay a message back for their final clue of this leg.

The pit stop for this leg has them racing to  Letenske Park.

So who arrived first and who is heading home?

1: Kristi and Jen – Trip for 2 to Perth, Australia.
2: Eric and Daniel
3: Evan and Henry
4: Connor and Alex
5: Lucas and Brittany
6: Cody and Jessica
ELIMINATED: Trevor and Chris