This leg of the race kicks off with teams heading to Saint-Tropez, France for their next clue – a road block. In this road block, teams will learn to sail a dingy to pick up two pieces of a clue, which leads them to a detour: Bread or Tread.

In Bread, teams must use 30 pounds of dough to make baguettes in order to get their next clue. In Tread, teams must make a pair of sandals in order to get their next clue.

Cedric and Shawn faced a speed bump, where they had to stow 15 boats in numerical order before being able to complete the road block.

Completing the Detour sends teams to face another head to head competition at Place de Lices, the pit stop for this leg of the race.

So who arrived first and who is heading home?

Alex and Conor vs Kristi and Jen
Kristi and Jen vs Cody and Jessica
Krist and Jen vs Trevor and Chris
Trevor and Chris vs Tim and Joey
Trevor and Chris vs Lucas and Brittany
Lucas and Brittany vs Henry and Evan
Lucas and Brittany vs Joey and Tim
Lucas and Brittany vs Cedric and Shawn

1: Alex and Connor – $5,000 each
2: Cody and Jessica
3: Kristi and Jen
4: Tim and Joey
5: Trevor and Chris
6: Henry and Evan
7: Joey and Tim
8: Lucas and Brittany
ELIMINATED: Cedric and Shawn

The race continues with teams heading to Les Baux, where all teams meet up as they wait for their next clue. Teams then compete in a road block that has them making a trebuchet, then launching it. They will then make their way to Cafe de le Fontaine for a detour: Full of  Bull or Colourful

In Full of Bull, teams will search through toy bulls for a red white and blue ribbon. In Colourful, teams will have to unlock a picture puzzle to get their next clue.

Completing the detour sends teams to Hotel de Benvengudo, the pit stop for this leg of the race.

So who arrived first and who is heading home?

1: Lucas and Brittany – Trip for 2 to Bali
2: Kristi and Jen
3: Eric and Daniel
4: Henry and Evan
5: Alex and Conor
6: Cody and Jessica
7: Trevor and Chris
ELIMINATED: Joey and Tim