The second leg of the race kicks off with teams heading to Antwerp, Belgium, where they were search for a chocolate shop to get their next clue. Upon arrival, teams are given a road block which has teams climbing a rope ladder to achieve their next clue, a detour Old Print or Diamond Glint.

In Old Print, teams will use an old printing press to print their next clue. In Diamond Glint, teams will evaluate three diamonds to add to a necklace and add it to the necklace for their next clue.

Completing the detour sends teams to compete in a Head to Head race challenge to determine who can check in to the pit stop.

Cedric vs Cody
Shawn vs Henry
Evan vs Kristi
Henry vs Chris
Evan vs Alex
Henry vs Lucas
Evan vs Tim
Henry vs April
April vs Daniel in the FINAL HEAT!

So who won their heat and who is heading home?

1: Cody and Jessica – $2,500 each
2: Shawn and Cedric
3: Kristi and Jen
4: Chris and Trevor
5: Alex and Conor
6: Lucas and Brittany
7: Tim and Joey
8: Henry and Evan
9: Eric and Daniel
ELIMINATED: April and Sarah