Eight female celebrities moved in to the Celebrity Big Brother house earlier this week and have now been joined by eight male celebrities to round off the series.

British ballet dancer Wayne Sleep, Comedian Dapper Laughs, Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell, Boyzone singer Shane Lynch, US R&B star Ginuwine, The Apprentice candidate Andrew Brady and RuPaul’s Drag Race star Courtney Act all moved in to the house but it wasn’t before Courtney had a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction live on air!

After the crazy moment died down and the doors shut, host Emma Willis went live to the house to fill the new room mates in on a new twist.

In true Big Brother fashion, the women were given the task of directing a household duty for each of the men, typically ones women have placed on them in society such as cooking and cleaning. That’s right – the men will have to cater to all the women’s needs!

Over the next few days, the women will also vote on who to nominate for the first eviction next week; however, only Ashley, India, Ann and Rachel can be nominated out of the women as they have failed to win immunity.