The 30th season of The Amazing Race kicks off with 11 teams at Washington Square Park. Their first clue has them flying to Reykjavik, Iceland. Once they land, they must make their way to Geitargljufur for their next clue, which has them danging from a helicopter over the Geitargljufur to collect a flag of Iceland.

Turning the flag in sends them to a road block which has them racing back and forth in a buggy to spell a word, the location of their next destination, Ingolfstorg. Once there teams must drink a shot of Cod Liver Oil and “the Black Death” before heading to Reykjavikurtjorn, the pit stop for the leg of the race.

So who arrived first and who is heading home?

1: Kristi and Jen – Trip to Greece
2: Cody and Jessica
3: Henry and Evan
4: Trevor and Chris
5: Alex and Connor
6: Joey and Tim
7: Lucas and Brittany
8: Eric and Daniel
9: Cedric and Shawn (incurred 30 minute penalty for cheating at the road block)
10: April and Sarah
ELIMINATED: Dessie and Kayla