Celebrity Big Brother: Year of the Woman kicked off tonight with 8 women entering the all female house. There was no man in sight as the following eight ladies waved to completely woman filled audience before the doors to the house closed behind them.

Former member of parliament Ann Widdecombe, Kardashian BBF Malika Haqq, column writer Rachel Johnson, model Ashley James, first ever transgender news reader in the UK India Willoughby, detective Maggie Oliver, glamour model Jess Impiazzi, and Coronation Street legend Amanda Barrie kick off the series as house mates.

After sending them all in, Emma reveals that over the course of two days, the women will be given various chances to win immunity passes and the first chance started right away. Emma then went in to the house, and revealed the men will join on Friday – and they won’t be able to nominate anyone.

The women are paired up and given their first task: they will have to fix a circuit board behind them, which will unlock a giant lever on their podium. The firsts pair to correctly pull their lever would win immunity for the week. Amanda and Jess take a lead and win the immunity pass!