The finale of Survivor: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers begins with the tribe heading back to camp, and being surprised over Ashley being voted out over Ben. Chrissy was happy Ashley went and figured the whole group will stick together to get Ben out next. They agreed to win the Immunity challenge to get Ben out, but Ben was already hunting for another hidden immunity idol.

It should be no surprise to anyone that he magically comes across another hidden immunity idol. In the afternoon, Chrissy pretends to make nice with Ben to help win his vote. He catches on to her plans and in turn vows to blindside her by playing his idol to get her out.

Immunity Challenge SPOILERS

In this immunity challenge, castaways will race through an obstacle course in the water to retrieve keys. They will unlock a puzzle that has them correctly placing balls in a spinning wheel. First to solve their puzzle wins immunity and reward: chicken and mashed potatoes.

Mike makes his way through the course first, collecting his bags. However the rest (aside from Ryan) catch up and Mike falls behind.

Chrissy begins to figure out the puzzle, Mike starts making progress. Ben also seems to have figured it out as well.

Chrissy thinks she has it.

Winner: Chrissy; she brings Mike and Devon.

Tribal Council SPOILERS

At the reward, Chrissy, Devon and Mike came up with a plan to use her fake super idol from the start of the season to help scare Ben in to not using his idol, in the event that he has one. They present it to Ben, who can already tell it’s fake. Devon worries that Ben may be up to something and contemplates voting out Mike just in case. They head to Tribal…

They head to vote and it becomes a tie between Devon and Mike.

They revote again and Mike is voted out.

After returning from Tribal, Devon was happy with his read on Ben and feels like it was a million dollar decision. The 3 are happy that there are no more idols but are worried about a twist.

Final Immunity Challenge SPOILERS

In the final immunity challenge, castaways will stack letter blocks on a wobbly platform. First person to spell Heroes, Healers, Hustlers wins immunity.

Ryan takes a lead. Ben also has his first word spelled.

Ben actually takes the lead and it’s his challenge to lose now, however one letter is upside down. He thinks he is done but Jeff says no. He knocks down several rows and has to start all over. Ryan and Chrissy also drop everything. Devon drops.

Ben is now racing to put everything back but drops it all.

Chrissy now takes the lead but Ben is right behind her. Ben drops all his letters AGAIN. This gives Chrissy a huge lead…

Winner: Chrissy

Tribal Council Spoilers

Ben tries to save himself but Chrissy has already promised to get him out.

Chrissy is presented with an advantage: she will pick one person who she wants to sit beside her in the finals, however the remaining two will fight for the final spot in a fire making challenge.

She tells Devon and beings practicing making fire.

They head to tribal…

Chrissy picks Ryan to go to the finals and it comes down to a fire making challenge between Devon and Ben.

It should be no surprise that BEN‘s fire burns the string and Devon is out.


Ryan faced heat for not making any moves or deserving a spot. Ben faced heat for not being social enough. Chrissy vowed that she got to the end by being nothing but loyal.

Ben uses his PTSD and being a vet as well as Chrissy uses being a mom and been applying for 16 years as reasons to vote for them.

They head to vote…

Devon votes for Ryan, Ashley votes for Chrissy, Lauren votes for Ben. Jeff takes the votes and reads them out loud.

First vote goes to…


Ben – THE WINNER OF SURVIVOR: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers!