Tonight’s episode begins with the tribe still being in shock over the past tribal council. Ben was happy that his idol played out how it did. He goes to get water and the tribe agrees to go after Ben yet again at the next tribal – no matter what. Devon tells Ben that there’s no way he’s going to let him win immunity.

At the crack of dawn, Ben is up looking for a new idol while everyone is still sleeping as he is aware he basically needs to find one or win immunity to survive in the game. Chrissy and Mike wake up and realize Ben is gone and hope he didn’t find one.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, castaways will be in pairs, attached to a rope. They will make their way thru obstacles, then land five rings on a target. First pair to land their rings wins reward.

Reward: private resort with gourmet meal and overnight stay

Ben & Ashley – Red
Chrissy & Devon – Yellow
Ryan & Mike – Blue

All three pairs are fairly even as they make it through the first obstacle. Ashley and Ben make it through first, followed by Chrissy and Devon. Ashley and Ben make it through the second obstacle while Mike and Ryan are still on their first.

Teams start making up time: they must weave up and over throughout the course and this allows Chrissy/Devon to catch up to Ashley/Ben.

However Ben and Ashley are first to the ring toss but Ben can’t land any of his shots. Devon now tosses and lands a ring. Mike and Ryan toss and land.  Ben lands three in a row.  Devon with three.  Ryan lands a second for blue. Devon gets a fourth and tosses his last but misses.

Devon shoots again and…

Winners: Devon and Chrissy; they bring Ryan.

Back at camp, Ashley and Mike were furious that Ryan got to go on the reward. Ben planned to take advantage to turn them against the others. He lays his pitch on Ashley but she is hesitant to trust him in the game, so Ben goes looking for the idol once again.

At reward, the three planned to get rid of Ben. Chrissy pitched an alliance to Devon and Ryan and he accepts her offer. Chrissy worried about Ashley getting in Devon’s way and wants her out after Ashley called her out for picking Ryan over her or Mike to go to the challenge. Chrissy was unsure who to take out this week: Ben or Ashley.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will race through a giant obstacle course, to solve a cog puzzle. First to solve their puzzle wins immunity.

All make it through and are working on their puzzle.

Ben, Chrissy and Ashley think they have solved it and are racing each other to finish it…

Chrissy starts turning her puzzle and her flag raises!

Winner: Chrissy

Tribal Council Spoilers

After returning from immunity challenge, Ben continues to look for the idol. Ryan, Ashley, Chrissy and Devon plan to split the votes between Ben and Mike in case Ben has an idol, but Chrissy wants Ashley out instead. She puts the plan in to play to Mike, Devon and Ryan.

Devon thinks the move is crazy and isn’t for it. Ben just so happens to find an idol clue, which tells him the idol is under their bed. When he returns to camp, everyone one else is hanging around so he cannot grab it. He feels between the bamboo poles but… they head to tribal and we cannot tell if he gets it or not.

Ben DID find the idol, plays it before the vote happens. He wants Ashley and Devon to vote out Mike. Ashley is hinting to Devon to do it but Devon doesn’t look so sure. He finally gives her the nod.

They go vote.

Mike, Chrissy, Ryan, Ben, and Devon all voted for Ashley.