Tonight’s episode kicks off with the aftermath of tribal council. Mike is shocked that he got blindsided yet again. Ryan is equally shocked that Ben was playing him and Chrissy the entire time. He is upset he burned his idol. Ben tries to save face with Chrissy and Ryan but Chrissy is done with him. She is very hurt by his betrayal. She vows to get revenge on Ben if she gets the chance.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, castaways will be running in pairs with their loved ones. They will have a bag with marbles – black and white. If their marble matches (white/white or black/black) they move on. Last team with a pair heads back to camp with their loved one.

Lauren and her sister out.
Mike and his wife are out.
Ryan and his dad are out.
Ben and his wife pull a match and move on.
Chrissy and her husband match and move on.
Ashley and her dad are out.
Devon and his mom are out.

Ben and his wife pull again. Don’t match.
Chrissy and her husband pull again. They match!

Winners: Chrissy and Keith. She picks Ryan and Steve, Mike and Mary, Ashley and Jeff to join.

While the majority of the tribe is away on their reward, Ben is back at camp making a fake idol. He shows it to Devon and Lauren, and Devon is impressed with Ben’s work. Lauren, however, doesn’t understand the need. The Trio find a clue to half a hidden immunity idol, the other half will be at the Immunity Challenge.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will stretch there arms to press on to two discs. Disc drops, you’re out. Last castaway standing wins immunity.

Ben is out.
Chrissy drops out.
Ryan drops.
Lauren quits.
Mike drops.

Down to Devon and Ashley. Both in pretty good shape so far. He asks if she wants to ride it out or just call it… She offers a massage for the loser so he drops for a massage.

Winner: Ashley

Tribal Council Spoilers

Ashley was happy with her win but felt she didn’t have any big moves on her resume for end game. She confers with Devon and Lauren about voting out Ben. Devon thinks Chrissy is a bigger threat than Ben. Ben overhears his conversation and he is now worried. They tell him they are voting out Chrissy but he is still worried they are going after him. He goes to Mike and offers to make a big move tells Mike how Lauren found a hidden idol.

Mike is ecstatic with the information and feels like he is back on top. Ben is certain they flipped the vote to get Lauren out. Ryan is also happy but doubts Chrissy will side with Ben as she wants him out. Ben asks what Chrissy and Devon were talking about but she snaps at him. He goes to apologize to her and tells her about his move.  He tells Chrissy about Lauren’s extra vote and new idol.

Chrissy and Mike talk about it and she still wants Ben gone over Lauren.  Mike brings this to Ashley and Devon, who then tell Lauren about what Ben is doing. Lauren goes and gives Mike half of the idol to show she trusts him, but he thinks this is the stupidest move in Survivor history.

They head to tribal…

At tribal, Mike takes the half of the shell Lauren gave him and throws it in the fire. Ryan whispers to Mike to vote out Laure. Devon gets up and asks Mike to vote Ben. Ryan and Chrissy try to turn Mike to vote out Lauren.

They head to vote…

Ben plays his idol.

The whole tribe votes for Ben, aside from Ben who votes for Lauren. So Lauren is voted out by 1 vote.