After returning from last episodes tribal, Joe is upset that Mike needlessly played his idol. They get into a bit of a yelling match because they didn’t confer with each other before heading to tribal, especially if Mike had this plan all along. Mike tells confessional that he has a lot up his sleeve and t not count him out just yet.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, castaways will use their feet to stack blocks to release a flag.

Reward: Aerial tour of the islands; cheeseburger meals

Mike, Lauren and Ashley are easing through the challenge.

Mike goes to place his flag but knocks a block down.

Lauren now going to place her flag; Mike trying again but…

Winner: Lauren; Devon, Ben and Ashley

While they are enjoying their reward, the others back at camp became more jealous of Lauren’s win.  Ryan was unhappy that he wasn’t invited but was happy this opened up a chance for him to align with Mike and Joe later in the game. He and Chrissy still planned on getting Joe/Mike out but planned to use one or the other to help get Ben out.

At the reward, Lauren dropped her hints that they may need to break up JP, Chrissy and Ryan sooner than JP, Chrissy and Ryan can turn on them. The four of them compare notes on Ryan and Lauren shares that she has the secret advantage. Lauren encourages Ben to align with Joe to make a move against Ryan. Lauren wanted to take control of the game but Ben really cannot stand living with Joe any longer. Devon and Ashley were surprised by Lauren wanting to make such an aggressive move.

They get letters from home and this lights a fire under the four. Ben finds a clue to an idol and eventually the idol.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will balance on a triangle platform in the ocean. Every 20 minutes, they will step up to a higher foothold on the triangle platform. Their hands cannot touch the platform or they are out. Last person standing wins immunity.

Reward: Immunity OR you can skip the challenge and have PB&Chocolate

Devon, Ben and Lauren are sitting out of the challenge to each peanut butter and chocolate.

JP drops first.
Chrissy drops
Joe down
Ryan out

It’s down to Mike and Ashley

Winner: Ashley

Tribal Council SPOILERS

Ryan was pissed that Lauren, Ben and Devon all sat out of the challenge. The group of seven meets to decide who to get out and they are split between Joe and Mike.

Lauren, Ashley and Devon met up afterward and Lauren wants to make a big move this week to put themselves in a better position by taking out JP or Ryan… but they need to recruit Mike and Joe. Ben plans to play dumb to get the scoop on both sides after they blindside JP, Ryan and Chrissy and will be voting with them.

Lauren drops the idea to Mike and Joe and they are in, thinking they are joining a new group of five.

They head to tribal…

JP, Chrissy, and Ryan voted MIKE
Ben voted JOE
Ashley, Lauren, Devon, Mike and Joe voted JP

After returning from tribal, Chrissy demanded to find out what happened. Joe tells her to just be happy that she’s here. She says she wasn’t as upset about the blindside as she was about how they were treated when they came back to camp.

Ryan tells confessional he is pissed but played it off as if he was complimentary to the move. He tries to figure a way to get out of being on the bottom.

Ben was happy with his performance of playing dumb and was happy he could act innocent to gather intel.

Ben and Mike gloated that they will be the final four no matter what since Lauren has two extra votes.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, teams will paddle to shore, collecting bags of logs. They will use the logs to push puzzle pieces through a tunnel, then solve the puzzle.

Reward: Spa day & feast

Blue: Ben, Ashley, Joe, Devon
Red: Lauren, Ryan, Mike, Chrissy

Red takes an early lead but Blue isn’t too far behind, in fact they catch up and both teams reach the shore at the same time.

Both start trying to gather the puzzle pieces, but Blue takes the lead. Blue gets all their puzzle pieces through the tunnel and starts solving. Lauren single handedly pushing all the pieces through the tunnel herself and helps Red try to catch up… They start solving as well…

Ben keeps placing wrong puzzle pieces for Blue and opens up a slot for Red to win…

Winners: Blue: Ben, Ashley, Joe, Devon

Blue goes to enjoy their reward and Ben takes the opportunity to tease Joe a bit. He plays up being on the bottom of the alliance and Joe thinks Ben is a bad player for not noticing he is on the bottom. Ashley laughs at how good of an actor Ben is. While Ben is showering, Devon tells Ashley that he is taking her to the final 2 since they played a similar game.

Back at camp, Ryan makes a move to work with Mike, but Mike doesn’t fall for Ryan’s pitch. Meanwhile, Chrissy starts working on Lauren about teaming up but her pitch also fell on deaf ears.

Chrissy is feeling down but is confident that she can change her fate in the game.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will take a key through several obstacles. The key will unlock puzzle pieces, which they will have to cart across more obstacles to a bin and then solve. First to solve the puzzle wins immunity.

Devon, Mike, Lauren all drop their pot with their key and have to start the course over. Devon, Ben, Joe and Chrissy make it to the second section.

Ben makes it across and can unlock his puzzle pieces. Chrissy now on to puzzle pieces. Ryan and Mike still stuck on the first section.

Ben and Devon are carting their pieces. Joe drops pieces and has to start over.

Devon, Ben and Ashley gets all pieces across and start solving… but no one can figure it out. Chrissy is catching up to them and is solving. Lauren starts solving.

Chrissy starts solving and gets close to the word… Ben, Devon and Ashley all start copying her answer and it’s the first to solve it the fastest

Winner: Chrissy

Tribal Council Spoilers

After returning from the immunity challenge, the core four (Lauren, Ben, Ashley and Devon) agreed to vote out Joe. Devon comes up with a plan to tell Mike and Joe to split the votes between Ryan and Ben because Lauren has an extra vote.

Ashley is worried about Ben playing both sides and brings up voting him out instead. Lauren suggests they do it and Ashley runs it by Devon.

They head to tribal…

Ryan plays his immunity idol.

Mike and Joe vote Ryan
Ryan and Chrissy vote Ashley
Ben, Devon, Ashley and Lauren vote Joe