Tonight’s episode kicks off with Mike being upset that he was lied to about who he should have voted for last night. He wants to find out who the source is and take them out. Meanwhile, Lauren gushed about playing her advantage and was happy she has two votes to cast in the future.

Devon worried that they were next but Ryan reveals that he has an idol. Ryan tells confessional that he is confident that Devon would never rat him out regarding his Idol and will have Devon carry him to the final 2.

Reward Challenge SPOILERS

In this reward challenge, castaways will be split in to two teams. They will dive in to the water to gather keys that unlock a chest, which holds several balls, which they shoot in a net. First to 5 baskets wins reward!

Reward: Food feast

Blue: Ben, Devon, Ashley, Ryan, Lauren
Red: Cole, Chrissy, JP, Joe, Mike

Red takes a lead but Ashley makes up a lot of time for Blue.

Joe starts shooting for red and he lands three balls really quickly, however Ben catches up with scoring 3 in succession as well.

Joe scores another, making it 4-3. He shoots his last ball… and lands it!

Winners: Red – Cole, Chrissy, JP, Joe, Mike

Ben and Ryan agreed to keep running the show as long as the 7 stuck together, and they felt like they are golden. Joe knew his time was ticking and searched for a hidden immunity idol, which others saw him doing.  Joe starts attacking Ashley and Chrissy and his antics upset a bunch of people. This made half of the 7 want Joe gone before Cole.

Ben and Devon compare notes about Ryan saying that they are the only one who knows about his idol, yet he has been telling everyone. Devon wants to make some big moves soon.

Immunity Challenge SPOILERS

In this immunity challenge, castaways will stand on a squatting on a cube with an apparatus on their shoulders, which has an urn filled with water, balancing at the very end. They must squat in position as long as they can without tipping their urn. Last one standing wins immunity.

Ashley is out first.
Mike drops.
JP out of the challenge.
Devon out.
Joe out.
Ben is out.

It’s down to Chrissy, Lauren, Cole and Ryan.

Chrissy is out of the challenge.
Ryan is out.

It’s down to Cole and Lauren.

Winner: Lauren

Tribal Council Spoilers

Ben was ecstatic that Lauren beat out Cole but wanted to split the votes 3 for Mike, 4 for Cole in case there’s an idol. Ashley wants Joe out over Cole but Ben pushed for Cole since he is a competition threat.

Chrissy, Ashley, Devon and Ryan came together and decided that they want Joe out over Cole and tried to come up with a way to deal with Ben being at odds. Meanwhile, Ben is telling Mike that Cole will be the target, but Mike is unsure if he can trust Ben. Mike plans on playing his idol tonight.

Chrissy talks to Ben about voting Joe out but Ben wants to flush Joe’s (non-existent) idol.

They head to tribal…

Mike does play his idol for himself.

Cole is voted out with five votes.