Tonight’s episode begins with Joe raving about the Heroes play by blindsiding the Hustlers by aligning with the Healers. Ben and Lauren were happy with their shocking move that they put in place to get Jessica out last tribal.

While working, Lauren finds a clue to a secret advantage, which will allow her to not vote at the upcoming tribal council and save her for a future tribal council.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, castaways will be split in to two teams where they will race through an obstacle course to a giant sling shot, attempting to knock down targets. First to knock down five targets wins reward.

Reward: Food feast – all on one plate, eaten alone in private, without knowing who ate however much food.

JP, Chrissy, Ryan, Devon, Cole

Desi, Ashley, Mike, Ben, Ashley

*Joe drew the white rock; won’t compete but automatically joins the feast

Red quickly hits three targets in quick succession, but Blue has a different strategy of getting the stronger players to rotate to the sling shot faster and it allows them to score 4 quickly. Red continues sticking with 1 castaway shooting until they hit a target which allows Blue to maintain the lead.

JP takes a final shot for Blue and he hits the last one before Ashley can score her 4th for red.

Winners: Blue + Joe.

During the reward, the location of the hidden immunity idol was hidden on the plate that was revealed the more the food was eaten off the plate. Upon returning to camp, the hunt was on for the idol… right out in the open… which caused other who were NOT at the reward to start in on the search. Little do they know, Ryan already got the idol.

Ben then blames Cole for having the Idol to create a target on Cole’s back.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will stand on a balance beam, holding a statue on a long pole. The longer they remain standing, the farther they will move down the beam. If they fall or drop their gnome statue, they are out. Last one standing wins immunity.

Mike drops out first.
Joe drops out.
Devon falls.
Lauren drops her statue.
Ryan drops out.

10 minutes elapses and all move back on the beam.
Ashley is out.
Chrissy drops.

It’s down to Ben, Desi, Cole and JP.

Ben drops.
Desi drops.

Winner: Cole

Tribal Council Spoilers

After the immunity challenge, Ben came with with splitting the votes half and half for Joe and Desi. Cole wanted to make a move against the Healers. Joe agreed and he planned to sway someone from the Hustlers to make a move against the Healers.

Joe approaches Devon and Ryan to get rid of Ben however Ryan thought it was too early to betray Chrissy at this time. Ben was spying in the bushes and overheard this conversation and gets in an argument with Joe about swearing on things to prove their loyalty. Joe now accuses Ben of swearing on the Marine Corps, but lied on that, which offends Ben a lot. Desi caught the drama and hoped this would extend her life in the game.

Lauren tells Ben about her advantage that would cost the Healers to lose a member as her voted would be canceled, leaving room for a blindside. Ben goes to Mike and tells him about the plan in hopes Mike votes with them… but Mike doesn’t think it makes sense.

They head to tribal…

Lauren plays her secret advantage and does not vote.

Desi and Joe get 4 votes each, causing a tie. They go to revote – either for Desi or Joe.

Desi is voted out and becomes the first member of the jury.