After returning from Tribal, Chrissy bragged about her social game putting her in a great position in the game.

On Yawa, Cole talked about how solid their tribe was come a merge, although Ben had doubts in trusting Cole. The tone was very different on Levu. Ashley hoped for some reprieve for their tribe as they ran out of resources.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

The tribes merge in to one and an Outback Steakhouse feast.

Chrissy immediately wonders if Joe has a second idol after finding out one was played already. Jessica planned to team up with Joe and Desi to team up with their Yawa tribe.

Chrissy tries to talk to Ben in front of the group, while they are eating, and he is worried that this puts a target on their backs.

Jessica speaks to Desi and finds out that Joe and her are still tight so they have the whole Healers tribe plus Yawa tribe to make the majority.

Devin and Ryan tried to align with Lauren, JP and Chrissy. Devon tells Lauren about wanting to get the Healers out. She then tells Mike and he predicts a war. Devon plans to take out Cole or Joe this week. Ben heard that Cole was on the chopping block and contemplated getting Cole out instead of aligning with his Yawa tribe like they initially planned. Ben and Mike discuss getting Cole out while Jessica warns Cole that his actions are annoying the tribe.

Mike then goes and tells Cole that everyone is voting for him or Joe at this weeks tribal.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this individual immunity challenge, castaways will balance on a beam while holding a giant ring with a ball inside. They must constantly spin the ball without it falling out of the ring; if it falls, they are out. Every five minutes they will extend further down the balance beam. Last castaway standing wins immunity.

Ryan drops seconds in
Mike drops
Jessica drops her ball
Ben tips over and is out.
JP falls
Devon is out.
Lauren drops right after.
It’s down to Desi, Cole, Joe, Ashley and Chrissy…

Cole drops out.
Chrissy is out.
Joe out.

Down to Desi and Ashley…

Winner: Desi

Tribal Council Spoilers

After immunity challenge, Cole apologizes to Ben about being selfish with food however Ben isn’t too impressed with Cole’s attempt. Cole tells Joe about Yawa’s plans and Joe now knows that Ben is playing both sides.

Mike gathers Yawa and the hustlers and tries to get Chrissy out. They question if Ben is on their side or not. Lauren approached Ben on what to do.

Devon/Chrissy/Mike’s group contemplate who to vote out over Joe or Cole but they want to act like they are voting Joe out to flush his idol. They now think they should vote Jessica out to split up Jessica and Cole.

Ben doesn’t know if he should break his trust with Chrissy and vote her out or break his trust with his whole Yawa tribe.

They head to tribal…

Joe shows off his idol at tribal and he plays it.

Devon: Jessica
Ryan: Jessica
Chrissy: Jessica
Ashley: Jessica
Desi: Jessica
JP: Jessica
Ben: Jessica
Lauren: Chrissy
Cole: Chrissy
Jessica: Chrissy
Joe: Chrissy
Mike: Chrissy