Tonight’s episode kicks off with Ryan and Ali fighting over him voting out Roark at the previous tribal council. He argues he trusts Ali but he didn’t trust Roark, so that’s why he voted her out. Ali tells us she is hurt after being betrayed by her closest ally. Alli tells us she will never trust Ryan again and questions why Ryan chose Chrissy over her and Roark. Ryan did not like Ali’s reaction and thinks it may be time to vote her off.

On Yawa, Mike cooked one tiny small fish and shared it with the tribe. Ben doesn’t like how Cole finds one tiny fish but eats it for himself without sharing with the tribe; he thinks that shows Cole’s true colours. Cole complained to his tribe that he is not getting enough food and he wishes to dominate in the challenges for the tribe. No one else claims to be hungry but him. Ben, Lauren and Mike want Jessica and Cole to sink their own ship.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, two players from each tribe will race through an obstacle course on the beach holding two sticks while using tension to keep a ball from dropping. Once they place three balls into a tower, their boat will release. They will then make their way out to a platform in the water, which has a giant sling shot on it, attempting to knock down targets. First two tribes to knock down their targets wins reward.

Reward: Pizza party

Desi and Ashley drop, Ben and cole drop. Soko get their first ball, Ben and Cole catch up.

Yawa and Soko are tied with trying to reach the platform. Soko forgets to untie one not and this allows Yawa to make it dead even to the platform.

Ashley and Desi finally land their ball and they are trying to catch the other two tribes.

Levu actually catches up and starts trying to hit their balls.

Soko hits one; Yawa hits one; Joe swaps out for Levu.

JP takes a swing for Soko and wins reward! Ben takes one final shot…

Winners: Soko and Yawa

Despite winning, Ryan questioned that JP has no social game, so taking him out may be a good priority, especially since he is a physical threat.

On Levu, Ashley and Devon worried about being voted off if they lost immunity. They plan to get Desi to flip on Joe if that happens. Devon starts looking for a hidden immunity idol while Ashley starts working on turning Desi. Joe realizes that Devon is watching him to see if he looks for an hidden immunity idol and Joe finds a clue leading him back to the well where he found his original idol. He plans to dig up the idol tonight – and he does.

Emergency breaks out on Yawa after Cole faints and hits his head. Mike and Jessica, both health care professionals, take care of him by getting him hydrated and something to eat. This made Jessica confirm her feelings for wanting to play the game with Cole. Mike now wants Cole gone after seeing this.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, tribes will each pull on a rope that is suspending a disc, stacking blocks that spell IMMUNITY. If the blocks fall, you have to start all over. First two to finish win immunity.

Lauren is sitting out.

Soko drops and has to start over, Levu is getting close to finish but Yawa is right behind.

Levu drops and Yawa is in the lead. Soko drops again.

Cole goes to play the last block for Yawa but he tips the tower while trying to head back.

Soko and Levu are dead even, going for their final letters. Devon and JP place their final letters and try to head back to their final places. Jessica is now placing her final letter for Yawa and it’s a race to the finishing positions.

Jessica makes it back first. JP is almost back but drops, leaving Levu with a huge advantage.

Winners: Yawa and Soko

Tribal Council Spoilers

Ryan wanted to get JP out and promised Ali that he has her back. They planned to sway Chrissy to their side so they can get JP out. Chrissy doesn’t care about who goes but she is unsure if she can trust Ali since she voted her out last tribal. She wants to make the decision with Ryan on who to vote out.

They head to tribal…

Ali: JP
Chrissy: Ali
JP: Ali
Ryan: Ali