Tonight’s episode begins with the fall out on Levu from the last tribal council where Alan left. Ashley was shocked about Joe using his idol to get Alan out. She realizes that Joe tricked her and Alan into being a target over Desi so he could use the idol and save the both of them. Joe gushes about his blindside.

Ben starts getting PTSD after some bamboo exploded on them on Yawa and it begins to concern his tribe.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenges, castaways will have their arms and legs bound as they push a ball along a sand course. At the end of the course, there will be a basket where they must shoot and score their ball. First two tribes to score 5 balls wins reward.

Reward: Iced coffee, pastries; jug of iced coffee

Chrissy and Lauren are sitting out.

Desi, Roark and Jessica are pushing their balls first. Desi get’s there first, so Ashley takes the lead for Levu. Jessica gets it Mike so he goes next. Roark gets it to Ali but Ashley already gets the ball to Joe. Mike is struggling which allows Ali to catch up.

Joe quickly completes for Levu and Devon starts tossing their balls. Ryan now surpasses Mike but the ball slides down the hill so he must go back. This gives Mike a chance to catch up. Ben catches the tribe up for Yawa and they start tossing balls. Ryan shoots the ball out of the course and must start over again.

Devon lands three balls but Cole scores two for Yawa… Devon keeps landing shots. Ryan keeps failing on the challenge but finally makes it over the hill. They start tossing balls however it is not enough to catch up.

Winner: Levu and Yawa

Levu enjoyed their reward but Devon still planned to get rid of Joe because he thinks Joe is the best player.

Ryan was upset about the loss but figured he could use his social game to cover up his failures in the challenge. Roark tried to create an alliance with Ali as she’s the lone healer on the new tribe. They think they have the numbers with Ryan but are concerned about his social game. However Ali goes to Ryan after and tells him that they should vote out Roark and JP next.

On Soko, Lauren was annoyed with Cole’s eating habits because he licks everything. She knows Mike and Ben are also annoyed by it and hopes she can get Cole out because of it. Jessica tries to form more of a bond with Mike and they go searching for another secret idol near the well, like Joe did on their previous tribe – and they find it!

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this Immunity challenge, tribes will race in the water to a boat where they will take giant rice bags through a large cage wall. Once through, they will make their way over balance beams to get to shore, where they will rip the rice bags open to find 3 balls. Next, they will use the balls to complete a wall maze puzzle. First two tribes to land all three balls wins immunity.

Ryan and Mike are sitting out.

Yawa and Soko quickly get their three bags through the cage and are making their way to the balance beam course. Levu gets their bags thru and are also on the beams.

Desi and Devon catch Levu up on the balance part, taking the lead and start working on getting their balls from the rice bags. Soko is dead last after being in the lead.

Joe gets the balls for Levu and they start working on their puzzle. Ben get’s all three for Yawa and they start working on the puzzle.

Ben and Chrissy are now working on their puzzles.

Yawa gets their first ball, passing Ashley for Levu, but she quickly lands her first ball as well.

Jessica gets their second ball for Yawa. Devon close with the second for Levu. Ali lands for Soko.

It comes down to Cole with the last ball. Chrissy is right behind with Soko and Desi is trying to catch up to Cole… But Cole lands the third ball and wins the challenge for Yawa.

Chrissy keeps trying by drops her ball. Desi is slow and steady and she does it!

Winners: Yawa and Levu

Tribal Council Spoilers

Roark worried for her place in the tribe after losing the challenge, so she wanted to make a big move. Chrissy spoke to her about options of sending JP home. Roark wants Chrissy to go home because this was the first time she ever spoke game to her. Chrissy tells confessional that she doesn’t trust Roark after the conversation and comes up with a fake girls alliance that “Roark” came up with. Chrissy goes to JP with the plan and claims Roark wants to do an all girls alliance… so JP wants Roark out. Chrissy then goes to Ryan and tells him about the plan.

However Roark and Ali wants Chrissy gone after she did not switch off the beam in the challenge. Ryan realizes that he is the swing vote and he is unsure of how he is going to vote as he and Chrissy are very tight… but he wants his alliance with Ali as well.

They head to tribal…

At tribal, Ali and Chrissy get in to an argument over Chrissy not swapping in the challenge, although Chrissy claims she offered several times. Roark also mentions how Chrissy never spoke to her the entire time but Roark says it’s a two way street.

Ali: Chrissy
Chrissy: Roark
JP: Roark
Roark: Chrissy
Ryan: Roark