The episode begins with the tribe dropping their buffs with a tribe swap! The castaways pick new buffs…

Red [YAWA]: Cole, Jessica, Mike, Ben, Lauren
Blue [LEVU]: Alan, Desi, Joe, Devon, Ashley
Yellow [SOKO]: Ryan, JP,  Chrissy, Ali, Roark

Reward Challenge

In this reward challenge, three members from each tribe will be attached to a braided rope. They will work to untangle the rope, which they will use the rope to lasso a sled with puzzle pieces. The remaining tribe members will use the puzzle pieces to solve a word puzzle. First tribe to solve their puzzle wins reward.

Reward:  PB&J

Soko takes the lead by Levu and Yawa are right behind. They start trying to lasso their crate full of puzzle pieces.

Ben hooks it for Yawa and they take the lead. Jessica and Mike start solving the puzzle.

Alan now tossing for Levu and he is getting close, but cannot hook the sleigh. JP makes a hail Mary pass and hooks the crate, putting Yawa back in the standings to win.

Chrissy and Ali start solving for Soko and they are getting close to figuring it out, however Mike and Jessica are close to completing the last few pieces… and they do.

Winners: Yawa: Cole, Jessica, Mike, Ben, Lauren

While enjoying their reward, Jessica noticed a potato chip that had a message about a secret advantage on it. She is able to block a players vote at the next tribal council — or if Yawa wins immunity, she must pass it on to someone else on the losing tribe. She informs Cole and Mike about her findings. Cole then goes and tells Ben and Roark.

On Soko, Ryan tells Chrissy about how he gave her the hidden advantage week one. Chrissy was very appreciative of him and was thrilled with obtaining a new ally on Soko.

Levu contemplated voting Devon out, since it was 2 v 2 with Devon in the middle but Desi was interested in having Devon be the swing vote in their favour instead. Ashley and Alan planned on getting one of the Healers out this week however Joe and Desi already started working on Devon to get out either Ashley or Alan. Joe lies to Devon and tell him that that Ashley/Alan want to take Devon out.

Back on Yawa, Lauren tells Jessica about the advantage. Jessica realizes that either Cole or Mike told her about it and she is upset. Cole admits it was him, which upsets Jessica even more because he cannot keep a secret for a day. He explains he wanted to build trust. She tells confessional that he hurt her but she will not admit that to him.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, tribes will carry a crate with three puzzle pieces on it to a ladder maze table, where they will manevour the crate through the obstacle. They will when carry the crate under a ground net, unlocking another crate of puzzle pieces. Once they have all six puzzle pieces, tribes must solve the puzzle. First two tribes to successfully solve the puzzle wins immunity.

Reward: Immunity

Levu makes it through the table maze very quickly and are working on the net crawl. Yawa is right behind them. They actually make it through the net crawl first and take a tiny lead. All three teams are fairly even and are working on unlocking their next set of puzzle pieces.

Yawa now working on their puzzle while Ashley struggles to unlock the last set of keys for Levu… but she gets it unlocked and Levu is now working on their puzzle.

It’s coming down to Yawa and Soko. Soko thinks they have it but they don’t, opening a spot for Yawa… Soko realizes their mistake and takes second spot.

Winners: Yawa and Soko

Tribal Council Spoilers

Devon approaches Ashley/Alan and tells him that Joe told him they want him out. Ashley tells Devon that that’s true at all. He wants to target Joe after this.  Desi sees Ashley and Alan talking to Devon and hugging after it, so she goes to tell Joe. Joe realizes that he will play the idol tonight but is worried that Desi will go if he plays it, so he plans to make the other three vote for him for sure.

Joe goes to ask Alan and Ashley what they want to do at tribal, suggesting to vote out Ashley, which causes a huge argument. Desi is upset that her name was suggested. Joe explains to her his plan was to make him be the target but it backfired and she is the target. She asks for the idol to be used on her instead.

Right before they head to tribal, Devon is given the secret advantage from Jessica to eliminate his vote.

They head to tribal…

Devon does play the secret advantage and eliminates his vote. Joe uses his Idol and uses it on himself.

Alan: Joe
Ashley: Joe
Devon: Joe
Desi: Alan
Joe: Alan