Tonight’s episode kicked off with Hustlers being happy with voting off Simone. Ryan loved all the items she left behind. Ryan and Devon planned to team up with Ali to vote out Lauren next, since there was an age gap between them. Ali and Lauren already planned to team up and stick together however Lauren targeted Ali’s closest ally – Patrick.

On Heroes, Chrissy and Ben thought they were controlling the tribe. Ben wanted to protect Ashley and figured if they lost immunity, he would keep her and cut either Alan or JP. Alan couldn’t knock a coconut out of a tree while JP was spearing countless fish from the sea. Ashley was frustrated that she cannot talk to JP after Alan accused them of being a power couple on day 3. Ashley spoke to Ben about it and Ben was leaning towards getting JP out to break up their power couple but Ashley still thought Alan was a loose cannon.

Healers gloated about their challenge domination. Cole and Jessica continued their special bond while fishing. To help get her closer, he reveals to her that Joe has the idol.

Back on Hustlers, Patrick searched for the idol in plain sight and that bothered Ryan. Ali advised Patrick to play smarter because he was annoying the tribe mates with his antics. He did not appreciate her warning as he felt like it stunted his personality.

Joe angered more of his Healers tribe mates over food. Cole used this as an opportunity to get Joe out.  He planned a blindside with Jessica to get Joe out. Cole tells Roark about the idol, and the plan but this upsets Jessica for spilling the beans too soon. Roark loved the idea of blindsiding Joe and they fill Desi in as well. Jessica was still upset because Joe could find out and this could backfire on Cole.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, tribes will race over and under various obstacles, and hoist each other over an inverted net climb to a box of sandbags. There, castaways will toss sandbags at a block tower, knocking them to the ground to then build back up again. First two tribes to build their block tower wins immunity and reward.

Reward: Chickens; Eggs

Mike is sitting out for the Healers.

Heroes takes a small lead to the sandbags but Healers and Hustlers are right behind them. All three tribes toss sandbags. Heroes and Healers swap throwers while Patrick remains on Hustlers.

Joe hits the last block for Healers and they start stacking blocks. JP hits the last block for Heroes and they start stacking. Patrick still tossing for Hustlers, refusing to switch throwers.

Patrick finally hits the last block and the tribe begins stacking with the other two tribes.

Healers think they have it but one block is missing so they have to go back. This opens it up for Hustlers, who have caught up… Heroes finish quickly. Healers quickly hoist Jessica back up for the last block.

Winners: Heroes and Healers

Tribal Council Spoilers

After returning from the challenge, most eyes were on Patrick for costing them the challenge. Lauren knew she was on the chopping block and tried to gather votes to get Patrick out.

Lauren went to Ryan to get Patrick out. Ryan and Devon liked that both sides were coming to them and didn’t know who they should vote out between Patrick or Lauren. Devon didn’t like that Patrick lost it for them but felt Lauren was on the outs in their tribe…

They head to tribal.

Ali: Patrick
Devon: Patrick
Lauren: Patrick
Patrick: Lauren
Ryan: Patrick