Tonight’s episode begins with the aftermath of the Heroes’ first tribal council. Chrissy was happy that the tribe cracked around her and she plans to use her now expired Super Idol as a fake idol to gain ground within her tribe. In confessional, Alan gloated about the suspicion he created around JP and Ashley. However, the rest of his tribe spoke privately about unhinged Alan really is and how big of a target he created during tribal.  Ben tells confessional that their “core four” alliance is shot after last night.

On the Hustler tribe, they continued to thrive in camp. Devon and Ryan strengthened their alliance but both had an odd vibe about Simone, even though she provided food for the tribe. Ali saw Simone’s value to the tribe and decided to befriend her to have in her back pocket in the game.

The mood on Healers was much more relaxed. Cole started to fall Jessica while Joe continued to plant seeds about Mike having an idol – even though he admitted Mike has been growing on him. Joe sprinted into the bushes to search for the hidden immunity idol – and finds a clue etched in to a tree! The clue appears to hint to the raft that Cole and Jessica have been spending time on so Joe asks Cole if he got the idol… which he doesn’t. He shows Cole the clue (which Cole explains the etching actually marks the Well, not the Raft. They go in search of the idol… and they find it! Joe was concerned that Cole would now be considered too powerful for knowing he had the idol and contemplated voting him out.

Back on Heroes, JP caught a lobster for the tribe to eat. Chrissy made her move on who to align with and thinks Ben is her best option. Hustlers also ate after finding a giant crab, which Patrick was terrified of. Lauren was annoyed with Patrick and tried to create an alliance with Ali to get Patrick out.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, three castaways from each tribe will dive into the water and retreive bundles of puzzle pieces that are attached to a cage and put them in to a basket on the water surface. Once all puzzle pieces are obtained, they will swim the basket to another platform in the water. Here, two other castaways will assemble a “crossroads” puzzle. First two tribes to correctly solve their puzzle wins immunity and reward.

Reward: Immunity; fishing kit & fishing lines

Joe and Lauren are sitting out.

Hustlers quickly take a lead, followed by Heroes. THey get all their puzzle pieces and head to the second platform, however Hustlers do have a slight lead. Healers are falling way behind.

All three tribes are now working on their crossroads puzzle… Hustlers have one piece left but something is wrong. They have to retry. They try again and it’s still wrong.

Healers think they have it right…. AND THEY DO!

It’s down to Heroes and Hustlers. Heroes have many pieces missing while Hustlers are still trying to fix one piece…. however it’s not fast enough as Heroes take second place

Winners: Healers and Heroes

Tribal Council Spoilers

Devon and Ryan continued to push for Simone to go however Lauren was focused on getting Patrick out instead. Ali, Simone and Lauren talked about getting Patrick out as they figured Ryan would vote with them. Lauren acknowledged that Patrick would benefit them in challenges but couldn’t stand his personality where as least Simone would listen to him.

Ali tells confessional that she doesn’t know what to do since her and Patrick have been together since day one and she knows she can control Simone… Ryan approaches her and tells her Simone. She tells him others want Patrick because Simone is easier to control. He likes that idea and wants to run a group of three with her and Devon, by Devon. Ryan tells us he wants to be able to control people in his alliance and anyone who he cannot control scares him.

They head to tribal…

Ali: Simone
Devon: Simone
Lauren: Simone
Patrick: Simone
Ryan: Simone
Simone: Parick