The 35th season of Survivor kicks off with the castaways being split in to their respective groups: Heroes, Healers and Hustlers. They are instructed to gather supplies in a boat, then row to shore in and light a torch in order to win a fire making kit. The second tribe to finish will get flint and the last team goes back to camp empty handed.

In the mix, Ryan finds a secret clue as the teams head in to the water. It comes to a close finish but Healers finish first, followed by Heroes. Hustlers are still in the water and go to camp with nothing.

After arriving at camp, each tribe quickly got acquainted and all tribes became focused on winning challenges to remain successful. Alan quickly made an alliance with Cowboy and on the Hustlers tribe, Allie and Patrick also paired up quickly. Ryan heads off to read his secret advantage – a super immunity idol that he has to use at the first tribal council despite who wins; if Hustlers win the first immunity challenge, he MUST anonymously give the idol to someone on the losing tribe.

Tensions grew after Joe catches Mike looking for an idol and pressures him into saying if he found one – which he didn’t. Back on Hustlers, Ryan tells Devon about his advantage and the two continue to strengthen their alliance to each other after Ryan promises Devon won’t be the first to go. On Heroes, Alan didn’t like the relationship forming between JP and Ashley, and sends rumours around that they found an idol… however they didn’t. Alan makes them strip naked to prove they are not concealing an idol anywhere.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, the three tribes will race to the top of a tower, then drag a heavy cart up the tower, loading themselves in and riding the rails down the track. They will then race over to three different table mazes. After picking one, they will then take the table puzzle, put it in a large box and hoist it up another tower track and solve it. First two tribes to land three balls on the puzzle wins immunity.

Award: Immunity

All three tribes quickly hoist their carts and ride the rails. Each puzzle is divided up (Hustlers, Heroes, then Hustlers) and all three attempt to lift the puzzle up the tower.Hustlers and Heroes make it up but Healers are a tiny bit behind.

Each working on their respective mazes…
Healers score their first ball
Hustlers score a ball
Heroes score a ball. All tied 1-1-1.

It’s quickly tied 2-2 with Healers and Husters in the lead and… Healers land their third ball.

Winners: Healers and Husters

Tribal Council Spoilers

After returning from the immunity challenge Alan, Ashley, JP and Cowboy pretended to stick together but Alan tells confessional he doesn’t really trust JP and Ashley after catching them the other night. Katrina and Chrissy get together with Alan and Ben to vote out Ashley. However, Ben wasn’t sure who to side with – his original group or Katrina/Chrissy –  but wanted to go where ever Alan feels most comfortable.

Chrissy notices her super Idol given to her by Ryan. They head to tribal…

At tribal, Katrina and Chrissy call out the JP, Ashley, Ben and Alan group. Ashley brings up Alan accusing her and JP on finding an idol but Ashley tells him it’s not true. Ben wanted the group to focus on their original goal of keeping the tribe strong to win competitions. Alan admits that Chrissy was an early mention to be voted out. Ben admits he knows nothing about how plan fair out… so they go to vote!

Chrissy does NOT play the super idol…

Alan: Katrina
Ashley: Katrina
Ben: Katrina
Chrissy: Katrina
JP: Katrina
Katrina: Ashley