Fan favourites Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson have had their wishes come true and they are set to appear on the upcoming season of Amazing Race!

The duo often talked about being on the show after Big Brother. Jessica and Cody got the call earlier this week to confirm their place on the show.

Live in the NY area and want see them the Race kick off live? You can! Fans can watch live at Washington Square Park (Fifth Ave. and Waverly Place) in New York on Sunday, Oct. 1.

Jody talked about the news to The Hollywood Reporter. Read the full article now.

What were both of your reactions when you found out you were going to be on The Amazing Race

Jessica Graf: I got a phone call on my drive home from casting asking if I wanted to do AR with Cody and I said absolutely. He responded with, “Great! I’ll have someone at your house in an hour to pick up your passport. You leave in 14 days.” I was floored. I figured it wouldn’t be for at least a couple of months. It all just happened so fast that I had to force myself to stop and take a second to process the information! Cody was still in jury sequester and we didn’t even get anytime to really talk about it. We’re just diving right into another project and it’s extremely exciting!

Cody Nickson: Just as long as Jess wants to be on it, I’m cool with it.

Jessica and Cody are the only confirmed racers so far this season and Amazing Race 30 is set to air this spring.