12:00 AM BBT

Most have left Alex’s HOH and it’s just Paul, Jason, Christmas and Kevin. They are trying to figure out who to nominate. Paul is pushing hard to keep Matt and Raven but the others want Matt/Raven up. Christmas wants to play in the Temp comp  but they tell her no in case she is last and then she’s out of the POV comp, giving Cody more chances to win. Maven join. Alex tells her the plan that Mark/Elena are going up and Pauls trying to win TC to backdoor Cody. The group now planning on throwing the competition… Matt is offering it to be the 3rd nominee. Josh wants to win the comp to rub it in Cody’s face. Matt brings up what to do if Cody wins. Alex says one of Marlena will be leaving then. Paul and Matt discussing who should throw it and who should win. They decide that Matt should throw it, Paul will win. Josh has offered to throw it and be a have not, too.


Matt and Raven talking, Raven thinks Alex should nominate Matt/Mark and Josh can throw it, so if Cody somehow wins they can go after Elena. He doesn’t get why it’s important that he be nominated or if he throws it. Raven thinks that it shows that they are not working with Alex if he is nominated.

1:00 AM BBT

Just Paul, Jason and Alex in HOH. The dudes are trying to out wait each other to be alone with Alex.

Raven scurries upstairs, tells them the plan about how its better if Mark/Matt are nominated especially if Josh throws the comp. Josh doesn’t want that and thinks Elena is a better competitor than he is. Matt doesn’t think so. Paul is so so on it. Maven leave.

Josh comments how he was just saying Raven was so pissed off, then she pulled this. Jason finally opens up about how unhappy he is with Maven going around saying him and Kevin were siding with Kevin about swapping votes tonight. Jason comments that Matt and Cody hang out all the time. Paul is shocked. They now think that the five of them (Maven, Marlena and Cody) are FOR SURE working together. Paul wonders why Maven are protecting Elena so much. Josh doesn’t want to turn on Maven just yet because they are numbers for them. He continues to push for Marlena because they are so disloyal. Alex decides Mark/Elena up and Matt up if one of them needs to come off (and Cody wins safety). They start wondering why Kevin is being so weird. Josh thinks it’s because he’s 56 years old and this is too much for him. They talk about who to evict out of Marlena if Cody is safe. Alex wants Mark. Paul agrees. He says if Elena goes, then Mark goes to Cody but he does not see Cody and Elena working together. They agree.

Paul must be getting annoyed with Josh. They tell him they get that he (Josh) dislikes Elena and he doesn’t need to keep saying it. Paul gets Josh to leave the conversation to go get Kevin. Elena joins. Convo changes to Jess. Elena tells them she has all the sounds down. Kevin joins so the convo stops. Elena can see theyre all up to chat so she thanks them for keeping her then she leaves.

Paul tells Kevin that Cody told Jason that even though he made a deal with Kevin, they need to keep Cody to get Paul out. Paul tells Keivn that his deal with Cody is shit. Kevin says that Cody never said that to him. Jason says that’s because Cody was trying to split him and Kevin up in the group. Kevin says he is now done with Cody.

Josh and Alex leave. Paul asks Kevin who he wants to get out of Cody wins safety. Kevin says Matt. Paul is confused. Jason says he also thinks Matt. Kevin says yes because Matt is a dunce.  Paul says no to getting Matt out because Raven will side with Mark, Cody and Elena. Paul says then it’s 5 v 4 and they cannot have that. Kevin says it’s 6 v 4. Paul says Alex doesn’t compete. Christmas says she also cannot compete (most likely). So Paul says they cannot take Matt out at all. Christmas says Matt protects Raven. She highly doubts that Raven would align with Cody. She says Raven wouldn’t have anyone to hang out with because all she does is hang with matt. Paul thinks Raven will totally run right to Cody. Jason thinks Matt only wants jury and doesn’t even care about the game. Paul again keeps defending Matt and thinks that Matt only wants them to think that.

2:00 AM BBT

They get ready for bed. Paul confronts Mark if Cody ever said anything about going after him. Mark lies and says no. Jason says that Cody approached him. Mark says Cody went to him and told him not to vote for Jessica today. They think Cody was trying to cause a stir before the eviction but failed.

In The Morning

In the morning, Kevin continued to push for Matt to go but Paul stayed firm with keeping Matt and Raven safe. The house all agreed to play in the competition (sans Christmas) and Matt finally decided that it’s better he throws the competition instead of being nominated by Alex.

Feeds go down for the competition.

3:00 PM BBT

Feeds back . Mark won the Temptation Competition! Matt threw it and is the 3rd nominee.

Alex is asking Jason what they should do. She wonders if they should nominate Paul and Elena. Jason is unsure. He doesn’t want the house to turn on Paul if noms stay the same.  She says she wants Paul to play in the POV. Jason still is unsure but Alex says Paul’s offered to be a pawn before. Jason now offering to go on the block instead of Paul.

Alex now running the plan by Paul. Paul doesn’t want him or Jason up but wants Josh instead. Alex says no because Josh won’t win. Paul now saying he will do it because he owes Alex but Jason keeps speaking up that he’ll do it. Alex says she doesn’t care and wants them to decide and tell her later. Paul asks why Kevin is do freaked out all of a sudden. Jason says he doesn’t know. Paul goes back to trying to get Jason to go on the block instead. Paull keeps encouraging Jason. He thinks it looks better to the house. Paul doesn’t like the “perception” if he was picked to be a pawn.

Paul tells Alex that Jason decided to go up. Alex asks why. Paul tells her that he think it will make Elena more comfortable.

The group is now running the plan by Elena. Her and Jason will be pawns. She doesn’t really want to do it. She doesn’t think Cody will remove anyone with the POV and says she knows she’d go home in that case. Paul assures her they will use the POV on her if anyone else wins it. Elena says she doesn’t want to be alone on her birthday (in jury) Kevin assures her that if nominations stay the same, there is no way she is going home. He gives his word.

Elena now telling the details to Mark about how her and Jason are going to be the pawns.

Meanwhile, Kevin is already telling Christmas that if the nominations stay they same, they are evicting Matt instead of Elena.

4:00 PM BBT

Paul telling Kevin to calm down. Kevin doesn’t understand what he’s doing that’s been an issue.

Mark and Elena keep talking. She misses Jessica. He does too. They are worried plans not going accordingly. She suddenly has a lightbulb moment and realizes that if Cody wins POV, he could remove her and then all three of them would be safe. She wonders if she should pick Cody for HGs choice instead of Paul now. Mark thinks that is a good idea because if she picks him (Mark) and he wins/takes her off, then Cody would be going up.


Alex, Jason and Christmas talking about who should go this week if nominations stay the same (or if Cody wins) Jason doesn’t care between Matt/Elena. Christmas again adding in how annoying Raven has been for protecting Matt but he threw the comp. They talk about how annoying Raven is and make a pact if they ever become as annoying as she is, to let each other know.

Elena just asked Cody if she picks him for HGs choice if he will use the POV on her. He says fuck yeah. Cody tells her that Kevin approached him last week to go after Mark/Elena next. He says he agreed to the deal but was really going to go after Kevin and Paul if he won. He says the whole house does whatever Paul says and he has no idea why any of them still keep him around. She agrees and says Paul is the house and already has the $500k at the end.

He doesn’t get why they just don’t draw the line in the sand if the targets are already out there. She tells him how she joked that she was picking Cody to the others and they all laughed. She hopes he gets to play and takes her off if he wins. She’s unsure to pick him because if they lose, she’s evicted. He thinks that even if she DOES pick him and they lose, Cody would still be the target and not her.

They break apart. She goes to Paul and says how disposable she feels. He assures her she isn’t.

Christmas now asking Mark what he, Elena and Cody were talking about. Mark says that he just asked Cody why he didn’t play in the TC and Cody said it was because he wants the POV comp.

5:00 PM BBT

Paul wants Alex to put Kevin in check because he’s been acting too weird. They think there are too many red flags with Kevin, especially if he’s been talking to Cody/the deal. Josh joins. They talk about Raven was trying to force Josh to throw the competition over Matt. He wants her to lock the HOH door so they stop coming in while the rest of them are trying to talk. He says that while they need to keep them for numbers, he’s unhappy with how Raven has been acting. He offers to be a pawn but is worried about Raven’s intentions after that. Alex listens to him talk for a bit and tells him that she’s nominating a trusted pawn – but doesn’t name any names. He says he’s cool with not knowing. They talk about targets and she doesn’t think Mark is threatening to them.

Christmas is already working Jason that they have to get Elena out over Matt this week if nominations stay the same. She wants to keep the peace with Maven, especially since she thinks Raven could win and take Cody out.

Christmas now getting into an argument to Mark because he dared to talk to Cody and it was probably about game.
She just called him a bully lmao She keeps calling him honey. He says that she is the one throwing his name out there, whispering into ears to make him look guilty. She says she whispered to one ear. He says he should have voted her out week one. She says he wouldn’t have had the votes. He says he would have.  She ask why he kept her week one. He says after their one on one. She doens’t believe it. He says she can believe whatever she wants then.

She asks if he asked Cody to nominate her. He says no. She starts calling for cody but he doesn’t come out. She says oh thats because they’re pretending to not be together. Mark says they aren’t together. She asks if he and Cody were in an alliance and Mark says yes, even she was in the alliance too. Mark just told the room that it was Christmas who voted to save Cody the first time he was evicted. She denies.  Christmas is pissed off that Mark voted to keep her simply because Elena wanted him to, not because HE wanted to. He keeps explaining he DID want to keep her after their heart to heart week one. Josh has now decided to get involved. He calls Mark a flip flopper for turning his back on Cody/Jess week two by voting to evict Cody. He doens’t like that Mark shunned Dom but not Cody.

Christmas and Josh now saying that Mark thew Jason under the bus. They keep calling him a flip flopper and Mark sides with the house no matter what. Josh is going to get Cody to ask if Cody is in an alliance with Mark. Paul now getting involved. Christmas is still pissed Mark only voted to keep her because the house was keeping her. He says that’s not the case. Mark says if he was so aligned with Cody week one then why was cody so surprised by Christmas being kept. Josh tries to drag Cody out to talk in the kitchen with the rest. Cody says he’s not talking game (he was listening thru the door and heard Josh coming). Josh tells him Mark is throwing him under the bus but Cody stays in the room.

Paul now goes to Cody. Asks him if what Cody told him before eviction was a lie. Cody says no. (Mark knew about Paul going up)
Paul asks Cody if Mark knew Paul was going up week one. Cody says he ran the idea by Mark but told Mark he wasn’t going to do it. Cody says that Mark was against going against Paul and that Mark has been nothing but loyal to Paul for the entire game.
Paul doesn’t care about that. Only wants to know if Mark knew before hand. Cody gives a “meeeeh” answer. Cody says Mark didn’t like the thought of going after Paul, that’s why he (Cody) stopped telling others he was going to go after Paul.

Meanwhile, Mark walked away from the main fight.

They ask Paul what Cody said. Paul says Cody didn’t say anything.

Elena explaining to Paul that Christmas is actually crazy and all Cody was saying was that he wished he didn’t throw the Temptation comp. Paul tells Mark that Cody said Mark knew about going against Paul. Mark says he really had no idea. Paul says he doesn’t believe Cody at all.

Paul already telling Jason and Kevin about how Josh and Christmas were making suuch good points in the argument.

It’s now 6 PM. This is long. We’ll see you at midnight. Get live feed updates on our forum if you cannot wait until then!