In the morning, the house is talking about Sarah and Paul’s argument from the night before. Paul thanks Sam and Jordan for being there for him.

Paul is telling Jemma that he doesn’t want her to get involved because despite her being passionate, he is at a point in his life where he needs to move on from things like that instead of it being encouraged.

Jordan tells Chad that he doesn’t like being in the middle and having the pick sides. Jemma is telling Trisha that Chad commented on Paul’s jacket during the fight and she doesn’t understand why he needed to get involved. Chad joins and both girls tell him they don’t like what he said towards Paul’s jacket when Paul and Sarah were fighting.

Sandi is given a task to win some Tina Turner songs… and she passes!

Chad talks to Big Brother about how he is finding his place in the house and regrets trying to force a connection with Amelia. He says he genuinely likes Sarah and she is the only one he wishes to hang out with in the house. He foresees the two of them having something if he survives the eviction tonight.

Sarah and Paul meet up and apologize to each other. They both acknowledge that Jemma is the one stirring the pot and getting in the way of everyones relationships.

Brandi and Sam get into an argument because he said something about Trisha the night before. Brandi asks Sam why he isn’t talking to her. She apologizes for snapping at him last night, that’s not who she is. Sam accepts. Brandi thinks it’s because she had too much to drink. Sandi agrees. Brandi runs off crying because of the comment. She comes back and apologizes again to Sam, and he accepts her apology again.

In the evening, the house enjoys a Tina Turner dance party that Sandi won. The house enjoys some time outside for a smoke while Paul and Shaun talk about how Jemma is the one stirring the pot… Jemma runs inside to tell Trisha that Chad is laying with Sarah. This upsets Chad. Chad says he was only smoking with the group but Trisha thinks he’s lying. Sarah sees, goes back out to the smoking area and tells the group she cannot sleep in the bedroom because Jemma has Trisha under her wing. Chad tells Jemma and Trisha that they are creating drama because he’s allowed to talk to Sarah if he wants to.

Sarah goes to the diary room and tells Big Brother she feels more connected to the house mates today.

Meanwhile, Brandi is mentioning how divided she feels the house is by Jemma to Jemma. Jemma wants to know who is saying that about her.  Paul asks if Jemma is still going on about it. This now turns into a big screaming match because Paul told Jemma to get over it and she thinks she doesn’t have to.

Jemma goes to the diary room and starts to breakdown.

Emma goes live to the house and reveals the first two safe house mates are Sarah and Chad.

After the break, we head back live to the house. Emma reveals that Karthik has received the fewest votes and has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.