7:00 PM BBT

Feeds back from the live show.

Everyone is celebrating, Cody is moving into have not already. Raven complaining about losing and Cody voting against her. Paul asked Josh to volunteer to be a have not… and he said yes.

Keivn asks Jason to nominate Mark/Elena then backdoor Cody. Jason confirms. Kev now wants Mark and Matt up to backdoor Cody but Jason thinks Cody won’t even try and just go straight to jury because he’s already secluded himself, being alone in Have Not.

Meanwhile, Paul is complaining about how “childish” Jessica was during her speech simply because he thinks she thinks she wasted her Hex.

Alex now telling the others about how Raven told Alex to let her win but she didn’t wan to. Paul already planning that someone amongst their group has to throw the temptation competition just so Cody cannot win POV (if he doesn’t win TC). Alex tells Paul she wants to nominate Matt and Elena.

Christmas already playing up Cody voting to evict Raven and Raven is pissed off at Cody for doing it.

9:00 PM BBT

Kevin telling Cody about how he basically has to win safety or POV. Cody knows. They talk about Jessica leaving, what she’ll be going through press wise and how they are going to make Josh a have not to torture Cody. He tells Kevin he’s not even going to go after Alex in the game so she is basically wasting her HOH getting him out.

Christmas offering to play in the Temptation Competition and throw it so Cody can’t. They are worried Cody will throw the Temptation comp to ensure he plays in the POV and can’t be backdoored.

Paul is pouting because he might be getting a negative edit. He doesn’t like that just because he is playing “aggressively”.

Mark and Elena are planning to get Cody out this week if they have to because they know they are the lowest on the alliance totem pole if he wins safety.

Jason asks Alex what the plan is.. maybe backdoor Cody. She makes a so-so hand gesture on that. He asks to get out Mark or Elena… he asks Matt and she nods.

10:00 PM BBT

I don’t know 100% because I instantly mute her… but apparently Raven has been going around saying Cody told Kevin or Jason to vote for Raven so Jessica didn’t get a complete 7-1 vote. Kevin is denying it to Christmas and Alex. The girls don’t care and say no one cares about Raven anyway.

Alex, Jason and Kevin talk about how Matt/Raven are just along for the ride to the end… Kevin says he is going after them next after they get Cody out. Kevin wants Matt and Mark up so they can play in POV against Cody. Jason thinks it HAS to be a guy and girl. Kevin now doesn’t want Elena nominated at all and thinks Matt and Raven should be the pawns for Cody this week.

Meanwhile, Josh and Christmas are talking about how Paul is upset he might be seen as a bully by the edit. Josh says that because they (Josh, Paul etc) don’t go crying to the bedrooms after the fights (HE REALLY SAID THIS, I SWEAR ON MY LIFE)  and play victim, America doesn’t like them. Christmas starts complaining that since Cody didn’t vote to evict Elena that something must be going on with the two of them and she overheard them giggling in the HOH room. Josh talks about how Jason wanted Matt/Raven be the pawns this week instead of Mark/Elena for this week and Christmas tells Josh to let Paul know Jason said that.

Kevin now with Paul, complaining about Raven saying she was top 5 and Kevin wasn’t involved in her T5 scenario. Maven joins so the bashing stops. They think the sounds played the previous week will be in the Tempation Competition. Raven thinks Cody will do poorly and not remember, which is why Paul thinks someone from their team show should the competition to make sure Cody doesn’t play in the POV comp. Matt doesn’t think Cody will really be into the competition. Paul asks why and says he will be. Paul dictates that once Cody leaves Alex’s HOH reveal, they can then “decide” who will be the one to throw tomorrows comp.

11:00 PM BBT

Alex want Matt/Mark up. Paul says no because he thinks Matt/Raven will team up with Mark/Elena. Alex then wants Matt/Elena but Paul again says no and thinks it has to be Mark/Elena. He is too worried that those four would team up with Cody. Paul wants to draw the line in the sand against Mark/Elena, especially if they are the targets after Cody. Alex says they have to convince Mark/Elena to be pawns and he says no they don’t because M/E don’t have any choice in the matter.  He stresses that Mat/Raven must be kept comfortable and it doesn’t matter if they piss off Mark/Elena because they are already uncomfortable. Alex says she doesn’t care so she is good with this plan. Jason suggests nominating Matt and Raven then having Mark/Elena be on their side. Paul says no because they already pissed off Mark/Elena. Christmas thinks Elena will be pissed. Paul says that’s Elena’s problem and not theirs.

Time for Alex’s HOH.