Just a small recap from me today.

The whole day was pretty mellow and the big alliance worked on planning their ideal final 5. Christmas and Josh wanted it with Alex, Kevin and Paul. Alex and Jason wanted it with Paul, Kevin and Josh and so on.

Talk of targets for tomorrow also came up: if Cody cannot be nominated then they plan to go after Mark and Elena, with Elena being the target. Matt and Jason wanted Mark out in that case, because they think he is more capable of winning HOHs. However Josh continued to target Elena due to her social game and “disloyalty” but Paul downplayed her as much as possible. They all thought that he controlled her but Paul denied, denied, denied.

Kevin kept on reaching out to Cody to strengthen the deal to go after Mark/Elena/Matt and Raven should Cody win HOH tomorrow. Cody ended up telling Mark all about it and how the deal is BS, even though Cody and Kevin shook on it. Word of the deal spread amongst the Friendship alliance and all but Kevin doubted its validity.

Matt and Raven being annoying was also on everyones minds and Friendship continued to share their newfound dislike of the duo. The consensus between most of them is that if Matt is used as a pawn, they will send him home.

Before the feeds went down for the half way party, Mark had a good talk with Jason about Paul. Mark warned him how everyone follows Paul around and all Paul does is control everyone. Jason admitted her was guilty of that. Mark told Jason that they should plan on getting Paul out sooner rather than later otherwise he will win the game. Jason agreed.

After the party, Jason, Alex and Josh all talked about moving forward next week and what they hope to accomplish (Cody, Elena, Mark targets) but Jason never said a word to anyone about what he and Mark talked about. In fact Jason was vocal in the fact that he wished to get Matt and Raven out before Mark and Elena but Josh was insistent on getting Marlena out because they are not “loyal”.

Mark and Josh also cleared the air about the fight between Jessica, Cody and Josh yesterday afternoon. Josh explained what Cody was saying and Mark says he didn’t hear any of that because Cody speaks so quietly.

Late night, Paul and Alex gloated about how no one knew of their duo. They think they are in a good spot and agreed to throw the HOH competition to any one of the others as long as Mark, Elena and Cody are out of the competition. Paul thinks next week or the week after will be a double eviction so he wants Alex and himself to be prepared for that. They plan on making their move against Matt or Mark then, if Cody is gone.