In the morning, Derek warns Sarah that while she is right about what she is saying in the house, she needs to be careful because they are against a group of younger house mates who will gang up on her. They agree that Jemma and Jordan were seeking a reaction last night.

In the backyard, Paul and Jemma are also talking about Sarah, saying she’s so sensitive about everything.

Jordan goes to Sarah and gives her a hug. She apologizes and says it was taken the wrong way. Jordan says it was alcohol and a scene was created. Sarah says she doesn’t understand why it needed to be personal and if Jemma had an issue with her, she should have just told her. He and Sarah hug again as she’s left crying alone.

In the afternoon, the house begins to nominate for the first time:

Amelia nominates Karthik and Chad.
Paul nominates Trisha and Sarah
Jordan nominates Trisha and Karthik
Sarah nominates Jemma and Trisha
Sandi nominates Chad and Sarah
Trisha nominates Sarah and Paul
Chad nominates Karthik and Helen
Brandi nominates Sarah and Karthik
Sam nominates Karthik and Brandi
Jemma nominates Sarah and Karthik
Shaun nominates Chad and Sarah
Derek nominates Helen and Sarah
Helen nominates Sarah and Chad
Karthik nominates Brandi and Paul

Sam gets a formal and final warning after flicking Jemma’s nipple after she told him not to because it hurts.

In the evening, Big Brother calls the house mates to the sofas to announce Karthik, Trisha, Sarah and Chad are up for eviction this week.

Sarah is already over it and wants to go home since people treat her like shit. Trisha is frustrated and sad but Helen is trying to calm her down. Shaun tells Jordan and Sam that people will be nominated at the start again and again because it’s easy to do.. and that’s exactly what nominees Chad and Trisha are complaining about.

I.. don’t even know what caused this but Paul was hanging out with the younger group in the kitchen. Sarah said he was just taking the piss out of people and he starts screaming and yelling at her.