The house wakes up and talks about the jitters of last nights eviction.

Karthik goes to the diary room and talks about hoping to get through the day with Paul’s mind games.

For today’s task, Derek gets to tell each room about the amount of ghosts that are haunting it. The celebrities were divided on if Derek was being real or not in his findings.

Jemma is hurt by Jordan and Sam for constantly saying they like Trisha better than her. She is hurt because she wants to be their friends and it is getting to her. She starts crying and Brandi is there to comfort her.

The episode catches up to last nights eviction where we see Marissa become the first evicted house mate. Shaun felt responsible for her eviction for nominating her night one.

Afterward, the girls are comforting Chad for being booed during the live show. Sarah tries to get him out of bed to stop having a pity part. Jemma tells Sarah that it’s banter, not pity. Sarah leaves the room and Trisha/Jemma talk about how jealous Sarah is that they are talking to him. Sarah leaves to go to the garden and tells them how Chad is having a pity party over hearing what the crowd thinks. She comments that the house cannot keep up with Sam/Jordan’s energy but that’s no reason for Chad to isolate himself.

Later, Jordan complains to Jemma, Sam and Amelia about what Sarah said about their energy. Sarah joins the smoking area and Jordan asks why Sarah meant with the energy comment. Sarah explains she thinks there are three groups of people in the house, with high energy, some in the middle, and some older group with no energy. Jemma now gets involved and asks what she means. Sarah now thinks people are shit stirring. Jordan leaves because no one is letting him talk. Jemma tells Sarah to fuck off because she’s so negative. They both keep arguing back and forth and calling each other bitches. Jemma calls her a slag, Sarah says she doesn’t shag on TV, Jemma tells her she doesn’t do drugs like Sarah does…

Jordan tries to calm both girls down and wanting them to stop making personal attacks towards each other.

Sarah tells Chad she thought Jemma was her friend but not anyone more now that her true feelings have come out. Jemma is in the bedroom ranting about what happened to Trisha and Amelia. Trisha and Amelia are at oods because they like both the girls.

Big Brother talks to Sarah in the diary room to talk about how two faced she feels the others are. She wants to leave because they will constantly nominate her for thinking it’s the Sarah show. She wonders if the others are insecure and need to patronize her for being known. She says she’s sick of it and doesn’t think they need to be threatened just because she has a fan base.