Day 47 [8/6] and Day 48 [8/7]

  1. Use The Weapon
    • Kevin has started to discuss (with Jason) the idea of reeling in Cody so they can use his competition skills to their advantage.
  2. Playing Smart
    • Josh and Christmas decided that it was a smarter play to have Jessica evicted this week.
  3. Jealousy
    • Raven informed Paul that Mark is jealous of Paul’s relationship with Elena.
  4. Strange Sounds
    • Strange sounds have been played over the speakers and houseguests have started to memorize them.  This includes drums and a lawnmower engine.
  5. Nominees Set
    • Mark used the Power of Veto to save himself.  Josh named Raven as the replacement nominee and one of Raven, Jessica, or Elena will be evicted on Thursday.

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