Not much really went on late night. The house was pretty chill. Kevin continued to plan working with Cody and he talked to Paul about how annoying everyone has become at the half way mark. They complained about the same things being talked about on repeat.

Josh again spoke to Paul about Elena and Paul assured him that there was nothing to worry about, he was just doing damage control. They also talked about Matt and Raven, thinking they don’t step up to the plate and are just yes-men.

Paul, Alex, Jason and Kevin promised each other the votes to evict Jessica.

In the morning

Quiet morning so far. Christmas has been talking to us for a little bit now. She has gone over all the people in the house and mentions where she thinks she stands with them. She notes that Mark/Elena are floaters and that Paul never stops talking – ever. She talks about how annoying Raven is and she is getting worse and worse. She talks about catching Raven giving false answers to the voice calls yesterday.

She and Josh talk about pretty much the same thing once he gets up. He of course talks about Elena and wants to go after her once Cody is out of the house.

In the afternoon

Cody and Jessica had a big fight with Josh. A lot of personal attacks were said towards Josh. Afterward, Josh started to cry in the HOH room and Paul started blaming this all on Mark for not saying anything during the fight (no one said anything during the fight). Mark tried to join the HOH room while everyone else

Paul is now confronting Mark about why he didn’t say anything during the fight. Mark says no one said anything and asks why he needed to be involved. Mark fights back and says that no one came to check on him after any of the times Josh attacked him, except for Cody. Josh walks in and tells them he’s going to make life hell for the next 2 days and goes to get some pots and pans.

Josh gets the pots and pans, goes to Cody. Cody gets up… Feeds go to fish.

Turns out Cody charged at Josh and Alex got in the middle. Raven is now complaining that she hurt her wrist. Jason and Alex have words because he thinks she instigated it. She says she didn’t (she handed Josh pans). He doesn’t want her to get her but she wanted him to get involved. Alex is now doubting the claim Raven is hurt… or even got hit LOL. Jason commenting how Maven are trying to say that Jason didn’t have anyones backs. He says he’s not going to get involved to beat his ass (by almost hitting Alex with the pan) Alex says that if it was reversed, and Cody was coming for Jason, she would have beat Cody’s ass. She wants Jason to hold Cody down while she punches him. They talk about how Cody ran straight into the house to come for Josh but no one really stepped in. They say that Matt/Raven don’t get involved because they don’t want to be kicked outThey agree to throw each other HOH and nominate Matt/Raven.

Paul is still trying to blame this on Mark/Cody. Mark keeps resisting Paul’s BS.Paul keeps going on and on and on about how Mark should have stepped in to say something, since Mark is against bullying. Mark keeps telling Paul that he should have stepped in if he was so uncomfortable. Back and forth. Paul trying to make Mark bow down but Mark isn’t giving him anything. Mark questions if Paul really thinks Josh hasn’t said anything personal about Jody. Paul says “maybe” <– lmao  Mark says that Paul and Josh literally went around harassing people with pots and pans. How can they justify that but be against today? Mark says that Josh is the one that is in the middle of everything but ends up crying because of how he was treated… but then runs off to antagonize them some more [so Mark has no sympathy]. Mark says that after Paul and Cody got into a fight, Josh was making personal attacks at Cody. He (Mark) told Josh to shut up.  Mark tells paul they shouldn’t throw stones in a glass house. Paul finally gives in and they leave.

2:00 PM BBT

Paul is now whining to Elena about how Mark didn’t jump in to stop it. She again says that the two of them didn’t hear it and missed how it started. He again says how a person who has personally been attacked should have stopped it so he wants to know how Mark felt.  They both say they felt bad for Josh. She says thats why her and Mark went upstairs to see if Josh was okay. Paul says he doesn’t know why Josh was upset with Mark and kicked him out of HOH (Paul was throwing Mark UTB and was already blaming Mark for not jumping in to stop the fight). Paul again whining about how Mark wouldn’t jump in when Josh was personally attacking Cody but didn’t when Cody was personally attacking Josh. Elena says it’s a bit of a grey area. He keeps going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. She says he and her both were tellling Mark to not get involved in drama, so he didn’t, now people are pissed he didn’t get involved? She also doesn’t seem to be giving in to his BS and says she hopes the house doesn’t use this against Mark. He says they won’t (aka he’s going to lead the charge against Mark)

Mark now telling Josh he didn’t hear any fat comments and if he did, he would have stepped in. Josh says he’s okay and not bothered by them saying that. Mark asks why Josh kicked him out of HOH and was so pissed at him. Josh says he just needed to breathe. Marks says 6 people were in HOH with him… Josh promises they are good and says he will tell others that they are good as well.  Josh talks about how he was happy no one else jumped it because he wanted to go against Jody on his own to show they didn’t get to him. Josh tells Mark the DR told him no more pots and pans.

Paul complaining to Josh about how he hates the hostile environment. Alex tells Paul she’s worried about hinky votes. Paul now telling Jason that there should be no hinky votes to Raven. Paul goes over the fight AGAIN and how he is against the fat comments ( yet he calls Josh “the blob”) More join the conversation and they start talking about how Raven is playing up her injury.

Paul is now apologizing to Mark for coming at him like that.

In the Evening