Sarah has come to the Diary Room to talk about her fight with Paul last night. She says she had enough after he accused them of talking about him when he entered the room. Paul is explaining the fight in the bedroom, saying Sarah got way too personal in the argument.

Karthik tells Marissa he’s been soul searching after being nominated. He says if someone wants to be upset with him, he wants to fix it. Marissa says no one in here is his friend so he shouldn’t be upset with them.

Sarah is the topic on the house and Sandi confides in the diary room that she thinks Sarah needs to realize they’re all living in the house together and everyone on the outside can see her actions.

Paul and Sarah finally get together and have a genuine talk about their differences. Both explain they don’t want the public to get the wrong perception of them once they’ve had a drink, so they both apologize for being wrong and give each other a hug.

Emma goes live to the house and tells Trisha, Chad and Sarah they are safe. Either Karthik or Marissa will be evicted.

After the break, it’s time to evict one celebrity and Emma announced that Marissa has lost her place.