In the Morning

After midnight, Raven let Paul know how jealous Mark was over him hanging out with Elena. She lets him know that Mark and Elena made out on day 12 or 13 and Paul is surprised to hear this. He doesn’t want Mark to be that way because he (Paul) has someone waiting for him on the outside. They talk about getting rid of Cody next week and tell Paul how “pissed off” everyone is that Raven will be going on the block.

After the house woke up this morning, Josh and Christmas went back and forth on who to nominate after Mark uses his POV. Christmas offered yet again but Josh didn’t feel comfortable nominating his closest ally. Josh was afraid to piss off Mat/Raven, even though they volunteered, but thinks he can handle it if they try to use that against him.

Christmas then went to speak to Kevin. He tells Christmas that he likes Jessica but knows she has to leave the game. Christmas then pushed the Elena agenda and says that Elena will be leaving next week. Kevin says he doesn’t want that and wants Matt or Mark to be the first in jury. He doesn’t see Elena as a strong competitor so he wants her around.

Afterward, Kevin went to deploy his “recruit Cody” plan and continued to offer him an alliance to go after Mart, Elena, Matt, Raven and Josh. Jason joined the conversation and Cody vowed to turn up the heat in the house if he wins HOH. Cody is surprised no one offered to use him as a tool yet and gives his word to Kevin/Jason. Afterward, Jason was still unsure if they can really work with Cody. Kevin kept assuring him that all is good with Cody because he gave his word, but Jason still didn’t think Cody would ever work with Paul or Alex again.

Cody went to Jessica and talked more about who they should nominate to get Paul out.

Matt and Raven are waiting for the POV ceremony and are planning to “let the house explode” after she is nominated. They think there will be some sort of moral outrage and a huge fight when Josh nominates her. Feeds go down for the ceremony.

12:00 PM BBT

Feeds back. Ravens up. Josh complaining about Mark using POV because he saw Cody/Mark talking in the backyard yesterday so that means they MUST be working together.

Raven is already complaining.

Matt, Raven, Josh and Christmas complaining about various things: who hangs out with who, Cody, Jessica, Raven complains about various hurting body parts, and Mark using the POV

1:00 PM BBT

A crying baby comes over the intercom, various other sounds follow as well.

House now thinking it’s a twist to save Jessica lol

2:00 PM BBT

Alex and Jason are telling Paul about Christmas and Josh trying to get Elena out this week, tempting to go against Paul’s wishes. They let him know that Paul and Elena hanging out is also sketching Christmas and Josh out. Paul says they’re both being too paranoid. Jason tells Paul about how Kevin tried to make a deal with Cody earlier today and how they don’t want to take it. Paul is worried that the vote will be a tie and they assure him it won’t be.

Paul goes off to tell Christmas that him hanging out with Elena was simply damage control to cool her down. Josh and Christmas continue to throw Elena under the bus, saying she isn’t loyal to anyone. They question Paul if Elena talks game to him and he says no. They all agree that if Cody cannot be evicted next week, then Elena will be the target.

3:00 PM BBT

Paul then goes to Alex and asks her thoughts on Kevin making an alliance with Cody. She thinks it’s good to have a back up plan in case Cody wins HOH but really doesn’t want to keep Cody any longer in the house.

Kevin now assuring them that Cody will be going after Mark and Matt but Paul thinks there’s no way that will happen. Kevin tells Paul to trust him, he knows what he’s doing. Paul asks if Kevin is evicting Jessica and he says he is. Paul doesn’t want a tie.

5:00 PM BBT

More sounds. House hanging out, making Kevin a special birthday dinner. Not much going on.

House hung out for the rest of thenight.