In the morning, Paul questioned Sarah about her drinking as it cheered her up. Shaun taught Karthik how to change his accent.

Brandi heads to the diary room and says her opinions of certain house mates have changed – she notes Marissa is more flirty.

Jemma and Paul talk about how Sarah is a one upper and how she forgets she’s on a television show sometimes. She tries to seek attention too much and they wonder how long Sarah can keep that act up.

Amelia talks to Sarah about Chad’s feelings for her. She tells Sarah she explained to Chad she doesn’t like Sam but it was Paul who stirred the pot and got the drama started. Sarah suggests that they ignore him and rise above the drama – but she is there if Amelia needs to talk.

It’s time to hand out more memberships/immunity passes so the immune celebrities head to the task room. They will shred HM’s photos of the house mates they do NOT want to be immune. What they do not know is that the other house mates get to watch everything.

Brandi wants to nominate Karthik and Derek agrees because he thinks K starts trouble. Shaun doesn’t agree, however everyone else picks Karthik for being passive aggressive so his photo is shredded.

Paul wants to nominate Sarah because he thinks she complains too much and is too over the top. Brandi doesn’t think Sarah is sable enough for the show. They shred her photo.

The group agrees that Chad has done absolutely nothing in the house and agree to shred his photo.

Sarah is upset at what she heard and walks off crying. She rejoins the group, so Big Brother can announce their nominations, and Sarah is upset that she doesn’t know how to act now because everything is being criticized.

Sarah goes to the diary room and breaks down crying yet again. The membership rejoins the house and the house mates let them know they saw and heard everything.

Karthik, Sarah, Chad, Marissa and Trisha are up for eviction this week.

Afterward, Karthik is going from person to person to explain why they shredded his letter. Paul again gets into another argument over the whole name/racist situation and suggests Karthik changes his name if he’s so insecure about it.

The house is off food restriction and Sarah is happy to eat. Paul quickly tries to apologize to Sarah but she isn’t having it.

Trisha and Sam clear the air and she gives him and Jordan a clean slate moving forward.

Paul is called to the diary room about how he keeps bringing up the racist allegations to Karthik. He says he understands how Big K could think it was racist and agrees to drop it.

Jordan was unsure where Marissa stood in terms of liking him and complained to Sam and Paul about it.

Later in the evening, Paul, Sam, Jordan and Jemma continued to talk about Sarah behind her back, saying she only talks about herself and they do not like her attitude. Paul goes to the other bedroom and as a joke, they all pretend to be sleeping/stop talking. Paul is pissed off and thinks something is up. He storms out. Sarah makes a “crazy” signal with her hands, which Paul sees. He returns and tells her that’s really harsh. She tells him he is not her friend, it’s done and she is done with him. The two argue in the bedroom in front of everyone.