In the morning, Karthik and Paul apologize to each other after Paul called Karthik a different name last night and Karthik called Paul racist. Both apologize for what they said.

Amelia and Jordan joked about Sam liking her. He promised to find out for her and she tells him not to. Sam joins the kitchen so the conversation changes.

The house partakes in a task which has the celebrities must catch a star when it falls, if they drop it, they will receive nothing. The “rewards” are chosen by Derek, Helen and Paul.

Amelia gets a romantic dinner for two – as long as the second recipient catches their star.
Brandi gets a Membership [immunity]
Karthik gets… nothing and gets to leave.
Jemma gets to colour in hundreds pieces of popcorn with a felt tip pen
Shaun gets a Membership [immunity]
Trisha drops her star and gets nothing.
Chad gets the romantic dinner for two
Sam gets Membership [immunity]
Jordan gets a booby prize and he will carry around a dead fish
Sarah drops her star.
Sandi is last and she won a signed picture of Paul

During the task Paul mentions to Shaun that they have his back. Sam catches on that the Membership members chose the punishments.

Afterward, Trisha goes to the diary room. She is hungry, cannot stand any of the house mates, is bored. Big Brother asks if she’s talked to the HMs and she says no because there’s no connection there and they’re all fake.

Big Brother calls all the house mates individually to the diary room and offers them a pizza. All decline the temptation except for Trisha.

Chad and Amelia go on their romantic date. Afterward, some drama happened between the two of them because Paul stirred the pot by saying she’s leading Sam/Chad on. She didn’t come into the house looking for anyone and Amelia is upset that Paul would insinuate she is playing people. He finally tells her that he likes her. She says she’s not a mindreader so she didn’t know.

They agree they came in to the house, just to live, and not look for anyone. She says she didn’t ask for any of this and the night signs off!