Day 35 [7/25] and Day 36 [7/26]

  1. Strong Partner
    • Paul told Christmas, Matt, and Raven that they should plan to target the stronger person from each couple.  That means eviction Elena before Mark and Cody before Jessica.
  2. Any Loyalty?
    • Mark continues to try and be aligned with both Cody and Paul, but it has actually alienated him from his “alliances”.  Paul and Cody have both discussed separately that they wouldn’t be opposed to nominating Mark for eviction.
  3. Warning
    • Kevin warned Jessica that there is a chance that the votes do not fall the way she is expecting them to on Thursday’s eviction.
  4. Bad Perception
    • Paul warned Elena that she needs to spend less time with Jessica, Cody, and Mark.  He explained to her that there is a bad perception with her spending so much time with these people and that it increases her target moving forward.
  5. Study Time
    • Houseguests were shown images of the evicted houseguests to study for the upcoming HoH competition.

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