Day 34 [7/24]

  1. No Changes
    • Jessica did NOT use the Power of Veto.  Ramses and Josh face eviction on Thursday night.
  2. Useful Hex
    • Jessica’s hex may come into play next week as many of the houseguests plan to target her, Cody, and Mark next week.
  3. Temptation, Maybe
    • Planning for next week, Jessica revealed to Kevin that she has the temptation.  However, Jessica told Kevin that the temptation gives her 3 week so safety AND the ability to name a nominee in her or Cody’s place.  Kevin has started to hint to others that Jessica may have the temptation.
  4. Pawn For Paul
    • Cody and Jessica are already planning for next week, trying to decide who needs to be on the block next to Paul to ensure that Paul is evicted.  Cody and Jessica speculate that Christmas could play the sympathy card against Paul in order to stay.
  5. Scooter and a Meatball
    • Josh told the cameras that Christmas is his “Ride or Die, #1” in the game moving forward.  He is still confident that he will stay this week by a vote of 7-3.

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