It’s time for the first four evicted house guests to battle for a spot back in the house.

It will be broken down in to three competitions.

First Competition Results: Maze Race

The first competition has all four house guests completing a giant ball maze. First two to complete the maze will progress on to the next round.

Winners: Cody and Cameron move on to the next round.

Jillian and Dominique are eliminated and heading home.

Second Competition Results: Billboard Bashers

The second competition has Cameron and Cody facing off against each other. The winner will take on a house challenge for a chance to get back in the game. In this challenge, the two house guests will use a slingshot to shoot down 10 panels. First house guest to shoot down all ten advances to the final round.

Cameron takes an early lead, with 7 panels down, but Cody catches up and starts to surpass him.

Winner: Cody

Final Competition Results

In the final competition, Cody will take on Paul in an altered version of Maze Race. If Cody wins, he returns to the house. If Paul wins, Cody is eliminated and goes home.

Winner: Cody!