A third house mate left the house after last nights eviction, this one after Big Brother removed them due to misconduct. Kayleigh Morris has been expelled from the Big Brother 2017 house after a huge blow up, threatening violence at fellow house mate Chanelle.

Let’s set the scene: a few people are in the kitchen. Chanelle is talking to house mate Ellie about how she thinks Ellie is in Kayleigh’s shadow. Kayleigh overhears and starts getting upset, screaming and yelling at Chanelle. Chanelle knocks over a glass, which further sets Kayleigh off as she starts screaming that she wants to beat Chanelle’s face in.

Big Brother quickly separates the pair, sending Chanelle to the bedroom to cool down and Kayleigh to the diary room. Despite being in the diary room, Kayleigh continued to punch and hit walls, threatening violence upon Chanelle by wishing to hit her with a chair and stab her in the face with a sharp object.

After things calmed down, Big Brother issued a second and final formal warning to Chanelle for her actions. However, due to the severity of Kayleigh’s outburst, Big Brother felt removing her from the house was the only option.

Upon being told, Kayleigh expressed no regret or remorse for her actions and happily accepted her departure.