Day 3 begins with Ellie reflecting on her actions with Lotan last night. She doesn’t remember the night, due to too many drinks, but she imagines she made a fool of herself.

Big Brother calls Tom to the diary room to talk about who he plans on exiling for good later tonight. Tom explains that it’s hard to decide and fears the public won’t give some people a chance, people who he may be friends with. He likes Arthur and Kayleigh but fears the public will dislike them and want them exiled (and up for eviction).

Sukhvinder asks Rebecca about why she wouldn’t hire a woman if she didn’t wear makeup. Rebecca says her job is very high end and glamourous. Sukhvinder asks why Rebecca can’t go without makeup and Rebecca says it’s a bit of unprofessionalism and insecurity. Sukhvinder says she also runs an international business and doesn’t wear makeup. Sukhvinder thinks it’s discrimination to not hire a qualifed woman if she doesn’t wear make up. Ellie doesn’t understand what discrimination means. Rebecca says it’s like racism. Sukhvinder says it’s not. The women start arguing about if younger women need to see other girls with makeup on to feel beautiful or validated. Sukhvinder says they don’t where Rebecca says they do.

Rebecca goes to the diary room to talk about Sukhvinder being confrontational. She wishes Sukhvinder would realizes that she may be wrong, despite them having different opinions. She welcomes conversation and different opinions but wishes Sukhvinder was more opened to realizing there’s more than one opinion. Meanwhile, Kayleigh is brushing her hair in the kitchen while Sukhvinder is eating. She is asked to stop and an argument breaks out between the two of them.

The house partakes in a task that will help Tom decide who should remained exiled. Rebecca gets her make up taken away. Raph has a chance to open a box containing prize money – but he doesn’t. Chanelle answered questions about Kayleigh being the most boring as she doesn’t want to talk about lipgloss anymore and Imran as the worst first impression. Hannah does impressions of a few citizens. Charolette faces an intelligence test. Sukhvinder faces an honesty test and tells Rebecca’s makeup opinion is BS and she tells Chanelle she really likes her.

Tom goes back to speak to the public via Big Brother’s Bit On The Side. If you didn’t see, the public advised him on several house mates. Tom heads to the task room with the rest of the house mates. Tom only grants citizenship to Charolette and swaps Mandy in to exile. He also grants Hannah citizenship and swaps Imran to exile.

Afterward, a lot of the house mates are upset at Tom for choosing who to exile. They are shocked that he did not save his best friend in the house, Lotan, and think he isn’t loyal. Mandy tells Tom that Charolette isn’t going to be acting like a fool if she (Mandy) is evicted.