The final leg of the race kicks off with teams heading to Chicago, Illinois’s speedway with route info that has them racing a car around a track in 48 seconds – and changing a tire for their next clue. Upon completion, teams are sent to Monroe Street Station where teams will solve three riddles which lead them to three iconic landmarks. They will head there and pick up post cards which have letters on them that spell out their next travel location.

Correctly solving the final puzzle sends teams to the roof top of City Hall to find a beekeeper in the buildings secret garden. Next teams head to Wrigley Field where they will deliver 10 Chigaco style hot dogs to fans in order to get tickets in to Wrigley field. Once there, teams will complete a final challenge by solving a puzzle that has them listing their race placements in the previous legs. These numbers will reveal an equation, and the answer to the equation will give a number for a row and set in Wrigley Field, where they will find their final clue.

Finding the final clue sends them to Milton Lee Olive Park, the final stop for this season of The Amazing Race.

Who who arrived first and won Amazing Race 29?

1: Brooke and Scott

2: Tara and Joey

3: London and Logan