Late last night, former Big Brother winner Ian Terry tweeted that he knew something big was coming for Big Brother 19. Of course this took the night owl Big Brother fandom by storm and many wondered what he knew. Don’t bother looking for the tweet this morning as Ian deleted it shortly after originally posting.

SlightlyAmbiguous via Reddit

Thankfully, Redditor SlightlyAmbiguous got a screenshot of the tweet for all eternity. Also adding to the excitement was Big Brother 18 star, Michelle “Big Meech” Meyer posted on SlightlyAmbiguous’s Big Brother subreddit post that what Ian is saying could actually true – and it’s allegedly pretty cool – but not ‘All-Star’ cool.

Unfortunately, Michelle says she will not be on the upcoming season but it sure sounds like it involves returning house guests in some fashion as former players rarely keep their mouths shut amongst themselves when it comes to them returning to the house.

When redditors asked Michelle if former house guests would be involved, but not participate as active house guests, Michelle responded with “In a way but not really. Use your thinking caps format wise … why was bbott different” but then she too deleted that reply on Reddit.

Maybe Big Meech and Ian are kicking up excitement for the new season but we sure hope there is something buzzworthy in store for Big Brother 19.

What do you think Michelle is hinting at?