This episode kicks off with Sarah trying to find out who ratted out Sarah going against Tai. She feels betrayed by Cirie and explains why she had to take out Michaela to weaken Cirie. Sarah asks Tai if he was to vote her out and he says he did. They start yelling at each other over the vote and lying to each other.

Tai wanted to make moves and wants to use both his idols, but wants to find someone to trust. He offers this information to Brad as a truce.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will race through a giant maze, collecting puzzle pieces. First castaway who solves their puzzle wins immunity.

Reward: Immunity & pasta dinner

Troy is in the lead with two bags but most have one. Aubry quickly gets three, same with Brad.

Aubry, Brad, Cirie and Troy all working on their puzzle.

Brad and Aubry have the most pieces placed. All working on their puzzle.

It’s down to Sarah and Brad placing their last pieces…

Winner: Brad. He picks Troy and Sarah to join him.

Tribal Council Spoilers

After Immunity, Brad offered Tai to take him to the finals – but – he has to give Brad one of the idols. If Tai does this, they will vote Aubry out tonight and Tai will have to play his other idol. Tai doesn’t like how Brad approached him and he goes to tell Aubry their plans and how he wanted Tai to give him an idol in order to vote Aubry out over him.

Cirie tries to pull in Tai and Aubry to get rid of Sarah or Troy so those three don’t run the game. Troy tells Sarah that Tai has two idols and he is worried about Tai screwing over their plans of voting Aubry out.

They head to tribal…

Tai plays his idol for himself. He plays his SECOND idol for Aubry. Sarah plays her legacy advantage. Troy ALSO plays his idol. Since all they have immunity, Cirie is the only viable option and has been voting out by default despite not receiving any votes.