The episode continues directly in to the next immunity challenge…

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this challenge, castaways with use tong paddles to transfer a ball through an obstacle course. If they drop a ball, they have to start over. First to transfer over 3 balls wins immunity.

Brad is the only one to successfully make it and easily wins.

Winner: Brad

Tribal Council Spoilers

Aubry tried to sway Tai and Sarah in to voting out Troyzan in hopes of raising their final 3 chances but it is not enough. She is voted out.

Immunity challenge spoilers

In the FINAL immunity challenge of the season, the remaining castaways will race through a giant obstacle course, collecting keys along the way. They will then untie their bags and solve a puzzle. First to solve wins the final immunity and a seat in the final 3.

Sarah is in the lead followed by Troy and Brad. Brad has now got his third bag and has passed Sarah.

All four with the bags and working on their puzzle.

They start placing their puzzle pieces….

Winner: Brad

Tribal Council Spoilers

Tai wanted to force a fire making challenge to try and survive against Troy.

Sarah and Brad want to take Troy to the finals and vote Tai out.


For the first time ever, the final tribal will change its format. The final 3 will explain how they Outwitted, Outplayed and Outlasted the others, to offer a more far and open ended discussion to the jury.


Sarah says her personal relationships were 100% real. The jury laughs. They want to know why they should trust her saying that as she low blowed all of them. She says she did whatever it took to get there.

Brad is acknowledged for his comp wins and he explains he, Tai, JT and Sierra ran the first half of the game. He says he was the one who got rid of Malcolm and that was the turning point of the game. Michaela questions his social relationships and Brad falters answering her background.

Troy was questioned about his moves and how he let others take control. No one thinks he did aside from Sierra who vouches for it.

Zeke continues to vouch for Sarah and says there was really only one tribe because Sarah controlled it all.


Ozzy says that this portion of the 3 categories  easily goes to Brad for winning the challenges in order to survive until final 3.

Sarah says she played the game by finding the hidden advantage at Michaela’s feet during the sit out challenge. She paid attention to detail and it got her here.

Troy… again.. not much really said for him here.


The three give their final speeches about how they deserve the final 3 seat.

The jury goes to vote…