After an epic season that saw eight legends and eight new recruits make big moves and take on massive blowouts, second chance houseguest Kevin Martin of Calgary, Alta. has been crowned the winner of Big Brother Canada Season 5.

He took some time to talk to us about his time in the house.

TBBF: Let’s rewind back to February where we posted a rumour of you going in to the house. You denied and tweeted that you had to explain to your mum that you weren’t going on the show. Fast forward to move in day and Karen is upset with you because you lied to your mum. Do you think that’s why she began to dislike you for no apparent reason? If so, we are SOOOOO sorry!!!!

Kevin: [laughs] I actually never even lied to my mum! She knew I was coming back. I sent out that tweet as cover because the rumours coming back were so strong. I never lied to my mum; but YES, that already set Karen’s radar off. Karen looked at all of our social media’s before coming in to the house. She was already skeptical of me day one! Then when I voted against Demetres [week one when Karen was HOH] and I tried to flip the vote for Mark [to stay instead of Demetres]… awwww… Karen’s and my relationship got off to the WORST start – even before the game. Amazing.

Why do you think so many house guests were afraid to separate Ika and Demetres?

Kevin: They were a powerful duo. It’s credit to Ika and Demetres’ social game. They were just so loveable. I mean, people wanted to take shots but it was just hard because Demetres won so many HOH’s. The power rarely fell out of their control. Let’s give credit where credit is due: they won a lot of comps and when they didn’t, they had the social game.

In your opinion, what was the best and worst move this year?

Kevin: The best move has gotta go to Ika and Demetres surviving the block two times. As a power duo, it was absolutely incredible. What they did those weeks was pretty incredible.

The worst move…hmmm…. I might have to give to myself. Ugh I wish I could have explained myself a little better but I won so it’s meh. Saving Ika in that final 5 was definitely a big move; it was risky! It sent Dillon home instead of Demetres, my target, so I have to say that was the worst move. I don’t mind giving that one to myself.

Aside from winning, what was your most memorable moment this season?

Kevin: VETO! Triple eviction. Saved myself, rewrote my history. I was going home in that triple and I was devastated BUT I pulled it out and won!

As the reigning winner of Big Brother Canada, what is one piece of advice you would give to future house guests?

Kevin: Have fun. Enjoy yourself, it’s a dream come true! Play for the win… and remember STUDY YOUR DAYS! Study your stuff because it’s very important.