This episode of Survivor kicks off with Sara receiving Sierra’s Legacy Advantage. Andrea noticed how sketchy Sarah was being and was interested in getting Sarah out.

Immunity Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity reward, castaways will balance a base attached to a rope in one hand, while stacking tiles on said base. First person to stack all their tiles wins immunity.

Aubry has been flawless so far while most have dropped their tiles and have had to start over. Aubry runs out of tiles but did not make the height requirement which opens the door for Andrea and Michaela.. but Michaela drops again.

There is not much challenge here as Aubry beats in in 6 minutes.

Winner: Aubry

Tribal Council Spoilers

Andrea continues to rally the votes to get Sara out but Cirie had other plans and wanted to flip the script on Andrea.

They head to tribal

Andrea is voted out.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, castaways will be on a pole in the water, gathering water to untie a key that unlocks puzzle pieces. First person to solve their puzzle wins reward.

Michaela gets her key. Troy gets his key. Aubry has her key. Brad has his.

Troy makes to to the beach with Michaela trying to unlock their puzzle pieces.

All are working on their puzzle. Michaela thinks she’s got it… but she is wrong.

Brad thinks he’s got it and he does!

Winner: Brad!

Tribal Council Spoilers

After returning from the first tribal, Cirie noticed Tai playing on peoples emotions and wanted to get him out. After the second immunity, Tai wanted to work with Aubry but Aubry wanted Tai out. Cirie pretends she is going to save Tai with the legacy advantage Sara told her to hold but he catches on to someone lying.

They head to tribal.

Cirie tries to play Sara’s advantage but it does not work because it is non-transferrable.  Sara talks to Tai about who to vote for while Cirie, Michalea, Troy and Brad try to figure out who to vote for.

Sarah decides to use her advantage and eliminates Tai’s vote. They go to vote…

Michaela is voted out 4 – 2 (Tai) – 1 (Aubry)