The heavyweight champ was knocked out this week, as Big Brother Canada’s Dillon “Big Country” Carman of Madoc, Ont. was sent packing in a vote of 2 to 0 making him the 8th house guest to be sent to the jury house.

Dillon took some time to talk to us about his time in the house before heading jury.

TBBF: What a week! Do you think you’d still be in this position if you had sided with Dre and William last week and voted Ika out?

Dillon: Definitely not. I didn’t trust their game very much and didn’t know where their heads were at, so I’m happy with the decision I made [by voting them out]. But it’s tough to say… maybe they would have been the targets [if De and William stayed] this week. It’s just so hard to say. Hindsight is 20/20.

You and Karen became quite close in the house after Emily was evicted. What do you think happened to make Karen turn against you so suddenly?

Dillon: Just the fact that she had relationships with Ika and Demetres much earlier in the game than I did. I think that and her vendetta towards Kevin was just… I couldn’t sway her! She didn’t want Kevin to have any power what so ever.

You were betrayed several times this season – is there anything you wish you could go back and change in regards to your game? 

Dillon: Yeah, if there could be one thing it would be the first alliance I made with Ned, Kevin, Bruno and Emily. I would have tried to side more with Ika and Demetres. At that time, Demetres had called me out and made me his target, so that would have been hard to do.

Honestly, I love the game that I had and the time I had in the house was amazing so there really isn’t anything I would change.

We saw how much you missed your family all season long. How hard was it to not unfreeze and go jump in to your mum’s arms! Asked by

Dillon: Ugh! That was one of the hardest tests I have EVER been through! But, as soon as she walked through the doors she said ‘ Don’t you move, son!’ and it was just super, super hard. Definitely one of the hardest moments in the house for me. You gotta listen to Momma! Momma Country knows best!

Who do you hope to see walk in to jury next and do you still plan on turning the jury against Kevin – if so how?

Dillon: I would definitely like to see Kevin walk in to jury next. I feel he is a big part of the reason as to why I am sitting here right now. I don’t plan on turning the jury against him, I don’t have any vendetta’s against him or any resentment towards Kevin. He did what he had to do, it’s a game move. I’m not going to try and sway anybody. Come finale, they’re going to vote how they’re going to vote and it is what it is. I have my own opinions, for sure.

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