This episode of Survivor kicks off with Michaela being upset with voting out Zeke. The girls talk about pulling Tai in to their alliance after his name was written down by his own alliance. Cirie wanted to split up Brad and Sierra by using Tai’s vote. Sierra talks to Sarah about the move and moving forward to work together

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, castaways will be tethered together in groups of three and race through obstacles to a table, where they will complete a puzzle that will award keys to untie sandbags. First team to knockdown all the targets with sandbags wins reward.


Reward: Time with loved ones

Orange takes the lead with Blue coming right behind them. Green now through as Orange is tossing their bags.

Brad keeps nailing bags for Orange and there’s one left…

Winners: Orange and they pick Cirie and Sarah to join.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will balance on a narrow perch while balancing a buoy between two pegs. If you fall or drop your buoy, you are out. Last castaway standing wins immunity.

Aubry is out first.
Sierra is out.
Andrea drops.
Sara is out.
Cirie out.
Troy out.
Down to Tai, Brad and Michaela.
Michaela drops out.

Winner: Brad

Tribal Council Spoilers

At reward, Brad and Monica talked about Michaela possibly flipping after not being picked to join on the loved ones reward. Back at camp, Michaela felt like the people on reward were taking advantage of her loyalty and wanted to flip to Tai’s side. Troy and Sierra also had the same idea and tried to recruit Michaela and Tai to their side, making them the new majority, along with Brad. They plan to target Andrea if she does not win Immunity.

Sierra told Sara that they are planning to vote out Sierra but Sara did not want that. Sara tells Michaela about Sierra’s legacy advantage and Michaela is unsure who to vote out.

They head to tribal…

Sierra passes her her advantage on to Sara.

Aubry: Sierra
Sierra: Andrea
Andrea: Sierra
Sara: Sierra
Cirie: Sierra
Troy: Andrea
Tai: Andrea
Brad: Andrea
Michaela: Sierra